30th Democrat Announces Departure

Over the course of 2022, numerous Democrats have announced that they are not seeking reelection in the impending midterm elections for an array of reasons, from retiring to pursuing different opportunities.

Recently, and surprisingly, Democrat Representative Kathleen Rice became the 30th House Democrat to announce that she would not be seeking reelection in the upcoming midterm elections.

The New York representative’s announcement constitutes another jarring reality for the flailing Biden White House and highly unstable Democrat Party, especially as the divisiveness represented by more vocal New York representatives, notably AOC, continues to pervade the party and alienate its former blue-collar base.

Rice served a total of four terms in Congress, and she was previously a district attorney in the population-dense Nassau County. As Rice is now the 30th Democrat to announce departure from the legislative branch, the total number of exiting Democrats sits just 10 below the record modern “high” for liberal departures from the federal government’s legislative branch.

Numerous sources have informed Newsmax that Rice’s announcement is likely to serve as the tipping point for several other similar announcements from her colleagues, hinting that well over 30 Democrats will be pursuing other opportunities by the time midterm elections arrive.

Currently, attention is intensely focused on Pennsylvania, where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is anticipated to approve a plan for seventeen House districts. Currently, the State Supreme Court is under the control of two Republican justices and five Democrat justices.

Under a GOP-orchestrated plan that was previously tossed out, five Democrat-leaning districts would emerge alongside nine-Republican leading districts, leaving three districts truly open to competition between the two different parties.

Now, however, the lines presented in the new plan are expected to have more Democrat-leaning districts.

In nearby New York, confusion has mounted over Rice’s inexplicable exit, an announcement that she made on her 55th birthday. Rice seemed poised for an easy reelection victory in the redrawn 4th District, also known as Long Island.

The 4th District had moved closer to the Queens/Nassau County border in order to lean more heavily to the Democrat side. However, conservative leaders have vowed to Newsmax that they would ensure a strong contender will be in place to fight for victory in the newly reimagined 4th District from the home state of AOC.