Abbott Scores Major Victory Over Mandates

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) scored a major victory over COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the form of support from the state’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton. Paxton proclaimed that the governor is well within his rights to institute a ban that prevents companies operating in Texas from mandating the vaccine for employees, and he is presently suing the Biden administration over the mandate.

In a statement to Fox News, Paxton declared, “the governor has authority under state law to respond to these types of issues,” adding that Abbott has “done just that.”

“Obviously, it is [Abbott’s] view that these mask mandates are unnecessary and that vaccine requirements are also unnecessary,” Paxton continued, noting that it his job “to go and defend what he has done and what the legislature has done.”

“I’m perfectly comfortable doing that,” Paxton remarked cheerfully.

Chris Wallace, who played a video that showed Paxton instructing businesses to ignore Biden over vaccine mandates, inquired whether or not Abbott is able to prevent businesses from adhering to Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies that employ more than 100 workers.

“[Biden] does not have the ability to force companies,” Paxton replied, noting that a stay in the Fifth Court has already “[stopped] them from forcing companies to require workers to get the vaccine.”

Due to the stay, Paxton asserted that companies do not have to adhere to Biden’s vaccine mandate

The Texas Attorney General also referenced “different types of requirements” currently at play, and he noted that companies should carefully evaluate the various ill effects that vaccine mandates could cause for their workforce and business operations.

Paxton observed that companies likely could not lose valuable employees at this point in time, particularly employees in healthcare or transport industries.

Wallace, after playing a video showing Paxton saying businesses should not listen to Biden but instead take care of their businesses, asked the attorney general how Abbott can ban businesses from issuing vaccine mandates for their companies’ employees.

Paxton also weighed in on the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Texas over its highly controversial abortion legislation, which prevents abortions after six weeks. He argued that his job is not to create and pass the laws, but rather to defend them.

“This case … is not about the substance whether Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned,” Paxton remarked. Instead, the case centers on whether or not the federal government has the standing to sue Texas and its Attorney General over the legislation.

Paxton openly supports the new law, indicating that he is proud of the state legislature’s efforts to take every action possible “to protect human life.”

Wallace pressed Paxton on his beliefs regarding potential exceptions, such as cases of incest or rape. However, the Texas Attorney General indicated that the Texas law is “defensible,” and he reiterated that it is “important to protect life.”

Paxton is currently under investigation from the FBI after facing accusations of bribery, but he remarked that he has been “dealing with this kind of fight” for an extended period of time.

In the upcoming election, Paxton will be challenged by George P. Bush, a Republican who serves as the Texas Land Commissioner. Bush has drawn attention to Paxton’s “competence” and “character” due to the FBI’s ongoing investigation.

However, Paxton dismisses the investigation as the natural outcome of the work he does as the state’s Attorney General.

“When you go out and do the type of things I’ve done, you’re going to be challenged,” Paxton reflected.