Advisor Admits Biden’s Sinister Plan To Abuse Power

For someone who was rather silent and invisible throughout the campaigning process, Biden has suddenly emerged full force onto the public stage. Likely planned all along.

Biden has already made a series of proclamations regarding what he will do in the horrific circumstance that actually propels him to the Oval Office. Almost as though these remarks were preplanned.

Apparently, Biden’s “Day One” decisions revolve around destroying all Trump policies. Specifically, he vows to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, as well as rejoin (and provide massive funding to) the Chinese-dominated WHO. You know, the same organization that is really responsible for this virus transforming into a monstrous pandemic that may irreparably damage liberties in the West.

Oh, and to ensure that he harms Americans as much as possible, Biden has also vowed to grant millions of residents who arrived in American illegally to be eligible for citizenship under the DACA Program, further solidifying the Democrats’ illegitimate base.

Ah, and how could one forget about his vow to encourage more individuals from incredibly dangerous, anti-American nations, such as Syria and Libya, to enter the United States more easily, namely by overturning Trump’s (and, ironically, Obama’s), strict policies regarding the ability of these nationals to enter the United States.

Even more ironically, Biden plans to achieve all these reversals through a series of executive orders, which he blasted as “an abuse of power” mere weeks ago. Apparently, such orders are not an abuse of power when he’s writing them.

Biden is also apparently devising plans, including endless executive orders, that will enable him to steamroll over the Senate, with one advisor remarking that Biden will circumvent the Senate if needed.

“I expect that to be freely used in a Biden administration at this point, if the Senate becomes a roadblock.” [Source: Breitbart]

Well, that’s nice.

Furthermore, every single policy proposed by Biden curiously happens to pose the greatest safety risk to Americans, illustrating the degree to which he and the party simply do not care about Americans.

They care about power. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is all the more evident in observing their behavior now.

The Democrats and Biden have all but assured themselves that the presidency is theirs for the taking (including the added insurance of “mail-in” ballots), and they apparently hold the troubling belief that the media, rather than Americans, should determine the presidential victor.

Just like the fake news media, the Democrats have largely blown off the potential challenge from Trump’s legal team, clearly forgetting about other challenges (that proved to be ultimately victorious) for the GOP twenty years ago.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are even more vicious and violent now, particularly with unhinged “representatives” such as AOC ranting about the Democrats’ incompetence and all but demanding that Biden and the Democrats ultimately disregard the Constitution and remake America into a communist dystopia.

Despite having a grand total of two years of experience in public office, after an illustrious career as a bartender (that’s all a degree from Boston University is worth these days?), AOC apparently believes she should and her ilk should be unilaterally in control of the Democrat platform.

Why? Oh, because of “racism.” As well as other issues that she finds highly offensive, including meritocracy (i.e., success through hard work), freedom of speech, and apparently all people of remotely Caucasian origin.

When questioned about her response to the election, AOC gave a blistering response, pointedly focused more on Trump that Biden, giving a taste of the in-house fighting likely going on behind closed Democrat doors (surrounded by massive walls, of course).

“The share of white support for Trump. I thought the polling was off, but just seeing it, there was that feeling of realizing what work we have to do …

We need to do a lot of anti-racist, deep canvassing in this country … Because if we keep losing white shares and just allowing Facebook to radicalize more and more elements of white voters and the white electorate, there’s no amount of people of color and young people that you can turn out to offset that.”

Say what? Did AOC actually just say that FACEBOOK allows the apparently “radicalization” of “white voters”?

This would be the same Facebook that overtly censored anything negative about Biden, as well as anything remotely indicative of far right leanings … all while allowing violent leftist groups to prevail?

Wow. If Facebook apparently is still too “empowering” for “whites”, one can only imagine how much more big tech will bow down and serve their Democrat masters, to the degree that one might be “outed” as a conservative (or an associate of a conservative) on the platform and punished in public, despite social media giants’ supposed “respect for privacy.”

As if they got filthy rich and politically integrated by respecting people’s privacy. Not.

Regardless, AOC apparently believes that every vote for Trump was effectively a vote for racism (despite the fact that the Democrats, not the GOP, are the ones who have made their entire platform about racism and other vile, discriminatory issues that unite virtually no one and divide virtually everyone).

This attitude, coupled with the fact that a BLM “activist” has now officially joined the House of Representatives and subsequently enlarged the squad, gives Americans a very good sense of the types of “healing” that the Harris and Biden administration will be bringing to the White House.

Hopefully, justice will prevail, and the real results of the election will be uncovered, at least to a degree, through the Trump legal team’s highly justified legal efforts.

If representatives like AOC and her ilk have their way, then the 2016 election may very well become a relic of the past. Before the global leftists and their Chinese masters took over, with a heavy helping hand from not only the Democrats, but also increasingly fascist leaders across the Western world in general.

That said, the end is not official, and Trump very well may have many surprises in store for people growing increasingly discouraged by the fake news media’s glee over an illegitimate victory.

Godspeed, President Trump!

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