After Democrats Skip Town, Watch What Trump Does …

Pelosi must be proud of her legacy as one of the most ineffective Speakers of the House to ever serve, as well as one of the most self-involved and utterly indifferent to the needs of real Americans.

Furious that Trump refused to use coronavirus relief to fund her various pet projects that appear to enrich exactly no one aside from her and her ilk, Pelosi has effectively shut down negotiations along with the rest of the Democrats by taking off for summer vacation for multiple weeks while countless Americans suffer from unemployment, uncertainty, and fear.

Even more astonishingly, the Democrats won’t bother to show up to vote on anything until September 14, well over a month away and supposedly at the same time that mail-in votes for the November 2020 election can astonishingly begin to trickle their way in, depending on individual states and policies.

A vacation for over 5 weeks, after achieving exactly nothing positive over the course of the entire summer? While Americans are suffering tremendously to boot? Talk about enjoying that “white privilege” that the Democrats are constantly railing about.

Perhaps Pelosi will hit up Hawaii again, as she did during one of the last major government shutdowns. She was sure criticize Trump in between martinis, of course. In fact, it would not be surprising in the slightest if the Hawaii governor, yet another incompetent leftist, allows Pelosi to bypass the quarantine that he’s inflicted upon everyone else.

Regardless of where Pelosi flies in her private jet while she simultaneously lectures everyone else about white privilege, the truth remains that the Democrats chose partisan politics over the American people, as usual.

While the Democrats have literally taken off for greener pastures elsewhere, Trump has stayed behind in Washington D.C., working late nights to help the American people by issuing a series of executive orders designed to circumvent the Democrats’ refusal to help.

These four executive orders include the following:

-A payroll tax cut holiday from August 1, 2020 until the end of the year
-The forbidding of evictions via the Department of Housing and Urban Development
-A weekly unemployment payout of $400 per week
-Relief for student loans

Trump’s executive orders clearly struck at the core of most Americans’ real needs, including black Americans, white Americans, male Americans, female Americans, straight Americans, LGBTQ Americans, and virtually any other American. Yes, that is correct: Trump doesn’t play appearance politics, Trump plays “getting things done for everyone” politics. In other words, Trump truly is a representative of all the people, no matter how much the Democrats scream that he isn’t.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida called out the Democrats’ actions for exactly what they were: Playing politics at the expense of Americans’ livelihood and well-being, not to mention their mental and physical health.

“Senator Scott appreciates that the President took action to help the American people and break the logjam of inaction since Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are refusing to compromise or negotiate in good faith. Pelosi and Schumer are just focused on the 2020 election and are demanding Congress use this crisis to enact their liberal agenda with policies that have nothing to do with the coronavirus …

Senator Scott wants Congress to stop laundering taxpayer money intended for coronavirus relief through inefficient federal agencies, state governments or bloated bureaucracies, and instead help the families and businesses that have been directly impacted by this crisis. It’s time the Democrats come to the table to actually get something done and stop playing politics with Americans’ livelihood,” Scott’s office continued.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

It’s been time for the Democrats to stop playing politics since 2016, but it seems they’ve decided they may as well continue on the same train of incompetence that began ever since the mass snowflake protests following Trump’s election.

Oh, and for the state Democrats who are still stuck in the cesspool creations of their own making, the ones who argue that Republicans “don’t care” about poorer Americans, now suddenly claim they can’t “afford” to pay out unemployment benefits to the very people that they claim Trump is out to get.

Perhaps the most shining example of such utter incompetence and hypocrisy would be Governor Newsom of California, the same Newsom that closed down wineries while allowing his to thrive during the quarantine. Newsom claims that California “can’t afford” to pay its residents unemployment, even though he’d be covering a grand total of 25% of the bill.

Newsom said that providing $100 per week would cost the state $700 million per week, rising to nearly $3 billion if the federal portion of the benefits were to run out of money. He said that the coronavirus aid that had already been given to the state had already been allocated to other spending priorities, and that the state did not have the money to make up the difference. [Source: Breitbart]

“Other priorities” huh? Could those “other priorities” include covering the costs of all the illegal immigrants you need to have a stalwart against Trump in your sanctuary cities? Or are those “other priorities” going towards cleaning up the mess your leftist monster creation has left behind?

Regardless, at the end of the day, Trump has offered to pay $300 out of the $400 for American unemployment benefits, and Newsome just can’t handle paying out $100, leading Trump to suggest that the federal government might just cover all the $400 weekly payouts. Considering California is filled with liberals who hate Trump, our President has made it rather clear that he overlooks partisan politics in favor of helping all Americans, whether or not all Americans appreciate it.

Hopefully, the appreciation will be shown in infinitely greater spades this November, which just can’t arrive soon enough.

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