Al Sharpton Sharpens Focus On Kamala

The Reverend Al Sharpton, a long-time progressive, has openly advocated his support of Kamala Harris in spite of continued criticisms regarding her abysmal job performance. Despite these commentaries, Sharpton doubled down on his defense of Harris, claiming that he will pressure Joe Biden into providing Harris with “more positions of power.”

During a recent interview with the ultra-left website, The Root, Sharpton faced numerous questions regarding Harris’s ailing approval ratings, as well as the widespread criticism the vice president has faced in light of the catastrophe at the border.

Bakari Sellers, a CNN political analyst, openly referred to Harris’s political portfolio as “trash.”

However, Sharpton adopted a contrarian approach, instead suggesting that Harris should be “used more effectively.”

“I think her being in charge of voting was important,” Sharpton proclaimed, “but I question her other assignments.”

Sharpton also appeared to take immense credit for Biden selecting Harris in the first place, noting that he “confronted” Biden directly on his MSNBC show over his potential vice presidential pick. During the confrontation, Sharpton openly promoted far-left candidates, asking “why don’t you have a black woman run, like Kamala [Harris] or Stacey [Abrams]?”

“In many ways, we were the ones who stood up for her to be in [the vice presidential] position,” Sharpton brayed, “and we want her to have a strong position.”

Sharpton proceeded to scoff at the “marginal positions” Harris has held, indicating approval only for her responsibilities pertaining to “voting.”

“I think he should continue to give [Harris] more positions of power,” Sharpton asserted.

Not only is Sharpton attempting to push Biden into delegating more responsibilities for Harris, but he is also suggesting specific tasks that he believes Harris is well-equipped to execute.

For instance, Sharpton proclaimed that Harris should be “in charge” of both “criminal justice,” as well as the “voting package” itself.

Sharpton also demanded for Harris to be placed “at the forefront of the George Floyd bill.”

According to Sharpton, Harris “knows the criminal justice system” and presumably “understands both sides.”

“She is also a black woman in the time of … other black women who have suffered racism,” Sharpton continued, reiterating his demand that Harris receive the “assignments” he suggested.

Sharpton also detailed Harris’s planned address during the 30th anniversary of his National Action Network, which is based in New York City. Sharpton also detailed his intentions for the National Action Network “to fight for [Harris] to be in a position of power,” especially since his organization has a strong desire to see her “thrive” as vice president.

“I will communicate that to the president,” he pompously declared.

Sharpton also noted that he expects a face-to-face conversation with Biden in “the next 30 days,” adding that he has already “reached out” to the president with expectations of an imminent meeting.

“We intend to meet with [Biden] before mid-November,” Sharpton concluded.