Americans Sound Off On Supreme Court Threats

According to the results of a recent poll released by the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action, approximately three in four voters are staunchly opposed to exposing the personal addresses of conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Moreover, the same percentage opposes launching protests outside the justices’ personal homes, a troubling trend that has recently emerged.

Specifically, 75.8 percent of all respondents declared that they oppose the publication of justices’ private residences, while only 15.9 percent are in favor of brazen doxing. Roughly 8 percent of respondents were unsure whether or not such behavior was wrong.

The poll results are even more compelling when evaluated from a political standpoint. Specifically, 86.5 percent of Republicans fiercely oppose threatening Supreme Court Justices outside their personal homes, whereas 66.6 percent of Democrats acknowledge resistance. Moreover, 75.1 percent of independent voters do not support harassing Supreme Court Justices, nor do they support the publication of their personal home addresses.

Just over 50 percent of respondents indicated that the White House has likely played a role in encouraging the intimidation of Supreme Court Justices.

This perception has amplified ever since Press Secretary Jen Psaki minimized the threat of protestors and instead fixated on the Court’s apparently attacks on women’s “fundamental rights,” ostensibly the official position of the White House.

According to Mark Meckler, who serves as the President of the Convention of States Action,

The “[poll results] make it clear that the Biden Administration’s refusal … to forcefully condemn these illegal demonstrations and to enforce laws protecting Justices of the United States Supreme Court” is generally “wildly unpopular with voters.”