(Another) CNN Executive Bites The Dust

Amid a sea of controversies surrounding CNN, another CNN executive, as well as a one-time aide to former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has recently been forced to resign from the ailing media network. The resignation emerges following an investigation that detailed numerous written communications between the CNN executive and the former New York governor, as reported by the New York Times.

As nationwide lockdowns spread in March 2020, then-Governor Cuomo apparently informed Allison Gollust the types of questions that he wanted to be asked during any interview he held. In response to Cuomo, Gollust reportedly passed a note back to him, reading simply, “done.”

While screening an interviewee prior to an interview takes place is not remarkably unusual, the New York Times observes that Cuomo wished to be asked specifically about lockdowns and his conversations with former President Trump. These requests were subsequently passed along to CNN staff.

However, Gollust’s spokeswoman vehemently protests against this characterization, claiming that Gollust did not “[suggest] that inclusion of these topics was a condition of the interview” in any way, “nor did she suggest the interview should be limited to these subjects.”

Spokeswoman Risa Heller continued on to remark that WarnerMedia’s reliance on common, daily practices as justification for engendering the dismissal of Gollust “demonstrates how ignorant they are of journalistic practices.”

Heller also claimed that WarnerMedia’s alleged treatment of Gollust “further proves that her dismissal is nothing more than retaliation.”

However, the Wall Street Journal noted that investigators for WarnerMedia discovered that Gollust had made numerous deceptive statements regarding her liaisons with Jeff Zucker, another CNN executive that made a rather abrupt departure.

According to Heller, Gollust and her former boss became closer over the course of the pandemic, and she ostensibly feels regret that the relationship was not “properly” revealed to WarnerMedia.