Another Exposed COVID Coverup Brings Fauci To His Knees

At this point in time, virtually everyone has heard of the rather sad, yet accurate, depiction of Fauci swirling about many circles:

Fauci lied, people died.

After all, here is a medical “leader” who has been in power since 1984, which means he has had ample time to build up rather suspicious connections with various laboratories worldwide.

These connections include the notorious Wuhan Laboratory Institute in China, which is undoubtedly responsible for the pandemic that has crippled the globe and left people more divided than ever.

In fact, what is even more perverse about the entire situation is that none other than Ms. Hillary Clinton herself was commenting about the Wuhan laboratory all the way back in 2009, conveniently when Obama was in power.

In fact, Clinton openly posed her concerns to France, who apparently assisted with the creation of this hideous laboratory as well.

“The U.S. believes participants would benefit from hearing about your experiences assisting China in setting up a Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the export control and intangible technology transfer perspectives. We are particularly interested to know how China plans to vet incoming foreign researchers from countries of biological weapons proliferation concern.


“Biological weapons proliferation concern,” huh?

Too bad Ms. Clinton didn’t voice such “concern” when Trump was in power and calling out the virus for exactly what it was, but Clinton is rather notorious for literally sacrificing countless lives to benefit her political ambitions. Including hundreds of thousands of American lives, apparently.

Plus, is anyone really surprised that this laboratory was able to achieve “success” while Obama was in power?

Which shady international deals didn’t happen when Obama was in power?

Now, fast forward to 2021, more than 15 months after the outbreak of COVID, and Fauci suddenly admits that the virus may have come from a laboratory (at least publicly, as he has privately long acknowledged this possibility, courtesy of leaked emails).

Real shame he couldn’t do so from the start, you know, back before the Chinese had time to begin meticulously erasing all kinds of data and evidence, much of which likely links back to the leftists tragically in power.

Which is precisely why Hawley has written a letter demanding answers regarding the brazenly erased evidence, which is even more suspicious than Fauci’s lame excuses throughout the duration of 2020.

“I write with grave concern about the latest allegations of a COVID-19 cover-up …

New public reporting suggests that Chinese researchers directed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to purge gene sequences of COVID-19 cases from a key NIH database. [1] The deleted information could be critical for understanding how the virus spread and where it came from. These deletions are alarming and merit a full congressional and law enforcement investigation.” [Source: Townhall]

“Grave concern” is putting it mildly.

After all, America has effectively been hijacked by leftists who are not only intent on destroying constitutional liberties and brainwashing American youth through Critical Race Theory (CRT), but also eagerly aligning themselves with one of the most xenophobic, anti-American nations on the planet.

One that just happened to release a virus that achieved precisely what more than one Biden ally has apparently yearned for.

Just consider the commentary from the senior thesis of Ms. Tracy Stone-Manning, a known ecoterrorist, which means that she is predictably Biden’s current nominee for leading the Bureau of Land Management, which is ironically also known as “BLM.”

“The origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact … We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans.” [Source: Fox News]

Well then. The COVID pandemic certainly was one way to achieve “fewer consuming humans,” which makes real answers to the valid questions posed by Hawley’s letter all the more critically important to Americans.

After all, is it really any surprise that in the midst of mass vaccinations and efforts to “return to normal” that a “Delta variant” has magically emerged in the meantime?

Of course, this variant must be much scarier and even more deadly, which would supposedly justify the future lockdowns that leftist governors and “representatives” are undoubtedly salivating over.

To most observers, it is not a surprise at all …

Author: Jane Jones