Anti-Trump Americans Commit Treason

Anti-Trump Americans Commit Treason

Far Left Couple Critically Endanger National Security

While leftists have demonstrated increasingly levels of hatred and rancor towards the nation, some leftists have taken their hatred of the nation to an entirely new, treasonous level.

That’s right: While a significant percentage of leftists seem to consist of hardened criminals and ultra-sensitive college snowflakes, several of the most dangerous leftists tend to occupy positions of power.

Including Jonathan Toebbe, a high ranking Navy engineer who enjoyed top security clearance and access to major U.S. secrets.

Too bad that Mr. Toebbe decided it would be a good idea to strike up what he believed to be a friendship with a foreign nation, literally selling out the United States through drive hidden in a shady peanut butter sandwich exchange (no joke).

Toebbe hid a drive filled with sensitive information, alongside an overly deferential note, after a lengthy exchange online with who he believed the be representatives of another nation.

“I apologize for this poor translation into your language. Please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. I believe this information will be of great value to your nation. This is not a hoax.” [Source: Fox News]

“Great value,” huh? Yeah. For enemies, perhaps. For Americans? Hardly.

As far as the “not a hoax” comment? Well, no kidding, especially considering the leftist allegations that have surfaced in the wake of Toebbe’s treason.

Unbeknownst to Toebbe, he had not been communicating with representatives from a foreign nation; instead, he had been communicating with undercover FBI agents, who investigated the extent to which Toebbe was willing to sell out the United States.

And he has now been swiftly arrested, along with his vocally ultra-left wife.

AG Merrick B. Garland, who has largely been in the news for attacking American parents concerned about far-left schools, has now resurfaced in the news again for arresting American parents who intend to sell national secrets to foreign enemies.

“The complaint charges a plot to transmit information relating to the design of our nuclear submarines to a foreign nation … The work of the FBI, Department of Justice prosecutors, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Department of Energy was critical in thwarting the plot charged in the complaint and taking this first step in bringing the perpetrators to justice.” [Source: Department of Justice]

Hopefully Garland may revisit which parents truly do fit the definition of “terrorism” in the wake of the Toebbes’ treasonous treachery.

What’s even more treacherous is the fact that the Toebbe family does not even bother to hide their far left roots, as evidenced by Toebbe’s wife, Diana, who just loves to retweet all kinds of ultra-left, anti-American sentiment.

Needless to say, the Toebbes appeared to despise Trump … though, of course they would, considering that Trump has always been about “America First.”

For instance, Ms. Toebbe re-tweeted hateful commentaries regarding Trump’s presidency, openly calling for “resistance” in 2017.

“To the rest of the world, due to an insufficient amount of moral courage, America is temporarily out of order. We hope to restore service as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we in the resistance movement join hands with those around the world who realize we are one people. May the forces of good be with us. #TheResistance.” [Source: Fox News]

“Insufficient amount of moral courage,” huh?

What exactly would any reasonably sane person label taking cryptocurrency worth upwards of $100,000 for selling out national secrets have?

Guess that’s one way to make “resistance” more dramatic, as well as a whole lot more dangerous.

Needless to say, neither of these two appears to have a clue, as they not only fell for an undercover investigation, they weren’t even smart enough to clean up ultra-left media pages once they were exposed.

It also appears that Mr. Toebbe became a bit too gleeful about screwing the nation, as evidenced by one of his smarmy messages.

“One day, when it is safe, perhaps two old friends will have a chance to stumble into each other at a cafe, share a bottle of wine and laugh over stories of their shared exploits.” [Source: The New York Post]

“Shared exploits.”

The left does hate America, but the actions taken by the Toebbes illuminate an entirely new (dangerous) level of hatred.

One can only wonder which other leftists are hiding in the ranks … especially those with top security clearance.

Author: Ofelia Thornton