Anti-Trump Senator Faces Her Day Of Reckoning — And It’s a Doozy

On Monday morning, it became clear that Lisa Murkowski, a GOP Senator from Alaska, has an official primary challenger. Kelly Tshibaka, who presently serves as the Alaska Commissioner of Administration, is anticipated to announce her challenge to Murkowski while resigning her post, as detailed by Fox News.

Tshibaka intends to challenge Murkowski on a broad range of issues, including second amendment rights, immigration, and abortion. Morover, Tshibaka will also emphasize that Murkowski was one of the seven GOP senators that voted in favor of convicting Trump in the last impeachment trial, namely regarding his role in the January 6 events on Capitol Hill.

On her campaign’s opening day, Tshibaka proclaimed that Murkowski embodied the typical D.C. swamp creature, with a particular focus on Murkowski’s last few years in politics.

Tshibaka also noted that D.C. generally views Alaska as a state that “won’t put up much of a fight,” and that Murkowski has adapted that same style of thinking. However, Tshibaka also added that D.C. insiders fear the idea of an independent, strong Alaskan leader, or “one they can’t bully … control … [or] silence.”

For this reason, Tshibaka has decided to run for Alaskan residents who firmly believe that the American government should be one that “is of the people by the people, and for the people,” which means that D.C. needs to be far more accountable to Americans. 

Trump is also fervently anti-Murkowski, given her vote in his last impeachment trial, and he also opposes the other GOP lawmakers who voted in favor of conviction. At the same time, Dan Sullivan, the junior senator of Alaska, has vowed to protect Murkowski from primary challengers.

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