Antifa And BLM Terrorize DC On Super Bowl Sunday

Antifa and BLM protestors elected to march through D.C. the night before Super Bowl Sunday, terrorizing innocent diners and threatening to burn down the city.

“Burn it down,” the protestors screamed while marching through D.C., which occurred after an afternoon rally dubbed as the “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally.”

The group also recited rhetoric against the police, arguing that “despite black lives mattering, black people are still dying at the hands of the police paid for by our tax dollars.”

At another point, the police skirmished with Antifa when law enforcement attempted to prevent the protestors’ harassment of outdoor diners.

In one video, protestors shined bright lights at the police while verbally assaulting them.

Approximately 26,000 National Guard troops went to D.C. to provide additional security after the January 6 events at Capitol Hill, and a minimum of 5,000 National Guard troops are expected to remain throughout March.

According to the Metro Police, neither Antifa nor BLM protestors faced any arrests on Saturday night for their protest-related activities.

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