AOC-Backed Candidate Epically Fails In Major Race

On Tuesday, India Walton, an openly Socialist candidate, failed in her bid in the mayoral race for Buffalo, New York. Walton failed in spite of the numerous endorsements that she received from several high-profile legislators, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kirsten Gilligrand (D-NY), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

However, in spite of the enormous support behind the Socialist candidate, long-time Democrat Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was victorious on Tuesday night, defeating the up-and-coming Socialist candidate. Early returns from voting revealed that the incumbent was outpacing Walton by an enormous margin.

Walton, who previously worked as a nurse and community activist, attracted national attention months ago when she successful defeated Brown in a surprise victory during the Democrat primary mayoral race.

However, despite losing the primary race, Brown commenced a highly ambitious write-in campaign, which encouraged voters to write in his name for their preferred candidate. The campaign has apparently proven to be successful.

The day after the election, approximately 59 percent of the ballots had a write-in candidate, which is widely believed to be Brown.

If Brown’s victory is ultimately announced in the next few days, he will have made history as the only major to have been elected to five terms in Buffalo, New York. On the other hand, had Walton triumphed in the election, she would have become the first socialist mayor.

Walton’s defeat also signifies the reality that progressive policies remain highly unpopular with many Americans, including Americans who reside in highly concentrated Democrat areas. In general, voters in Buffalo have consistently voted in favor of the Democrat Party, even though surrounding villages and towns in Erie County tend to lean Republican.

As part of his write-in campaign, Brown focused heavily on Walton’s enormously leftist policies, adding that the election would be a referendum on these political sentiments. Brown also reemphasized this position again on Tuesday.

“Today’s election was not just a referendum on the City of Buffalo,” Brown announced during his victory speech, “it was a referendum on the future of our democracy.”

Walton had devised enormous plans for overhauling the cities policing and politicking, though it appears that those plans are now on hold for a sizable period of time.

While Walton has yet to concede the election, she has admitted that the number are not working out in her favor.