AOC Is Terrified Of This ‘Word’ — And It’s Hilarious

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat Rep. from New York popularly known as AOC, is receiving significant criticism for her highly negative commentary on the word “surge,” namely when she discusses the escalating crisis at the border.

This past Tuesday, AOC stunned viewers when she ranted about the use of the word “surge,” arguing that the word “surge” invokes a “militaristic” mindset.

AOC’s condemnation of the word “surge” emerges in spite of border officials using the term, not to mention the White House itself in view of the surging illegal immigration at the border, which is significantly higher than average.

However, AOC claimed that “surge” merely promotes a white supremacist narrative.

In spite of her rantings and ravings over children who are unaccompanied at the border, AOC has not yet deigned to visit the border herself.

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