AOC Makes Big Show Over Jim Crow

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as “AOC,” recently proclaimed that “Jim Crow-style disenfranchisement laws” are being actively encouraged across the Republican-led states, notably Florida and Texas. Per the vocal progressive from New York, Republican leadership is making an effort to combat democracy through voting integrity legislation.

Over the course of her self-indulgent interview with The New Yorker, AOC waxed on poetically about how the United States “perhaps postures as a democracy … but it isn’t.”

The former bartender also declared that “white-nationalist, reactionary politics” are ostensible reaching “a critical mass” consensus, though she offers no evidence or statistics to support these views.

When AOC was asked whether or not the United States risks becoming like other nations, the progressive representative did not identify a single other nation; instead, she continued to rant and rave over the apparently terrible governance of the United States.

“I think we will return to Jim Crow,” AOC raged, “I think that’s what we risk [as a nation].”

The New York Democrat then turned her attention to Florida and Texas, insisting that Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott are pushing “Jim Crow-style disenfranchisement laws,” respectively.

AOC also recalled numerous Texas lawmakers that fled the state in order to avoid voting on Republican-backed legislation that includes reasonable voting requirements, such as photo voter identification. Many lawmakers subsequently contracted COVID in Washington, D.C., though the New York Democrat did not mention this fact in her interview.

“[Texas lawmakers fled] the state in order to prevent such voting laws from being passed,” the progressive remarked admiringly.

AOC raged about Florida’s supposed implementation of “poll taxes” alongside “intimidation at the polls” after “the entire state” voted in favor of re-enfranchising former felons, or permitting former felons to vote after they have served their time. The former felons must pay fees to reinstate their right to vote, which AOC conflates to a “poll tax.”

Outside of complaining about Jim Crow, AOC also complained about the opposition to teaching critical race theory (CRT) in schools, a theory that has been widely criticized by scholars across the political spectrum for its inaccuracies, particularly elements linked to Project 1619.

However, AOC has labeled such opposition “white nationalist.”