Army Investigates A Confederate Flag

Various military police are presently investigating a Confederate flag as a result of an incident that occurred earlier in the week at an American military base in Germany. At the base, the national flags of the home country, as well as the United States, had been removed. In their place, a Confederal flag had been raised.

A spokesperson representing the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, whose headquarters are locaed at the Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany, commented on the incident, remarking that an “unknown” person had stolen the flags from the unit’s building at some point between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Major John Ambelang issued a remark to the Army Times, noting that the the Confederate flag had also been raised outside of the Regimental Headquarters.

Once the Confederate flag was spotted, it was “immediately” taken down upon its discovery on Monday. Currently, investigators are overviewing video footage from the time period between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“This criminal behavior [is out of alignment] with the Army,’s values,” Ambelang declared, adding that “it is also a violation of the Department of Defense policy.”

Ambelang also continued onwards to remark that “commanders at all echelons across 2CR” ended up “[engaging] their soldiers at a morning formation” in order to stress the seriousness of the incident.

“This regiment takes this misconduct very seriously,” Ambelang proclaimed.

If the culprit were to be eventually identified, Ambelang noted that “appropriate action” will take place once all the relevant facts regarding the incident have surfaced.

In addition, Army Times observes that various members of the far right movement in Germany have started using the Confederate flag as a symbol. Per a Columbus State University professor, the flag has been used largely as a “stand-in for the Nazi swastika.” The swastika is banned from any form of display in Germany.