“Back the Blue” Support Floods Liberal State

By Emma Colton September 7, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Thousands of boaters flooded the Jersey Shore on Saturday in support of law enforcement and President Trump.

The historically Democratic state saw an estimated 2,000 boaters taking part in “The Trump Law and Order Parade” that began near Toms River.

“A beautiful time in the great America,” spectator Bonni Hurley told the New York Post. “There were white, black, Hispanic … all singing, smiling, laughing. It was such a great feeling.”

Organizer Chris Molla held another pro-Trump boat parade in July that saw about 1,200 participants. Saturday’s boat parade has the potential to break a world record, which currently stands at 1,180 boats during a parade in Malaysia in 2014, according to 1010 Wins.

“The purpose was to send a message to law enforcement and the military to show the boys in blue we’re here and we support you,” Molla said. “And the president supports them, so it goes hand in hand.”

The boaters displayed flags showing support for law enforcement and the president, such as “Thin Blue Line,” “Trump 2020,” and “Make America Great Again” flags and banners.

“It really isn’t boaters for Trump; it’s boaters for law enforcement and veterans. Trump just happens to support both of them,” Molla said. “Boaters tend to be a pretty happy crowd. We’re out there to have a good time. There’s no hatred or animosity towards anyone.”

“I have a lot of family and friends that are on the job, and I wanted to do something to show our support for our law enforcement in a peaceful way that’s not going to bother any of our law enforcement, clog roads, bridges, or anything like that,” Molla told Fox News.

The parade comes as other gatherings have cropped up in states such as Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and elsewhere. In Texas this weekend, a few boats capsized on a lake in Austin as boaters hit the water to show support.

The president has lauded the boaters for their parades, just last month saying he wishes he could be out on the water with them.

”I just wish I had time — I’d get on one of those boats, and I’d be carrying a flag also,” Trump said in August. “I just want to thank everybody. I see that, and the whole world is watching.”

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Thousands flood NJ in support of Trump and law enforcement: ‘Show the boys in blue we’re here and we support you’

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