Biden Admin Busted In Massive COVID Coverup

Once again, massive misinformation from COVID has been revealed … and once again, it can be traced to the ultimate source of disinformation and deception: The Obama-Harris-Biden administration.

Turns out that the White House has recently been busted in a rather massive COVID coverup within its own swamp-laden halls, namely the fact that numerous White House “officials” and various aides have tested positive for COVID.

Interestingly, these positive tests emerge despite the fact that various White House “officials” have all been fully vaccinated.

For instance, none other than Queen Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Drew Hammill, admitted that one of Pelosi’s (vaccinated) aides has recently tested positive for COVID.

“Yesterday, a fully-vaccinated senior spokesperson in the Speaker’s press office tested positive for COVID after contact with members of the Texas state legislature last week … The entire press office is working remotely today with the exception of individuals who have had no exposure to the individual or have had a recent negative test. Our office will continue to follow the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician closely.” [Source: Breitbart]

Hm. Interesting.

What was that rather asinine comment that Biden made again recently? That the “only” pandemic is among the “unvaccinated?”

Fully vaccinated Pelosi “aides” testing positive for COVID suggests otherwise.

Needless to say, petulant Psaki was apparently forced to admit the partial truth after Hamill’s revelations, though her commentary was about as vague and non-transparent as possible, which does not inspire much faith in the federal government.

Rather disturbingly, however, when Psaki was pressed as to whether or not other government officials have tested positive for COVID, she essentially stated that the Biden administration had a right to cover up the truth regarding the real rate of COVID infection amongst its own staff.

“According to an agreement we made during the transition, we committed we would release information proactively … [we] continue to abide by that commitment.” [Source: Fox News]

Say what?

“Release information proactively?” What exactly is that supposed to mean, aside from the obvious (i.e., that the Biden administration has zero qualms about openly lying to the American public)?

In other words, half the White House could be infected, including Biden himself, and the public would never know if such information was not deemed “proactive” for public consumption.

Honestly, Psaki would be far more honest if she never opened her mouth.

Her brazen deception is all the more obvious when contrasted with the Trump administration, which openly admitted several cases in which White House officials tested positive for COVID, including Trump himself.

On top of that, something else Trump never did was permit hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants storm the border, many of whom are infected with COVID.

In another massive slap in the face to Americans, Biden is persisting in his utterly baseless policy of requiring Americans to present a negative PCR test before re-entering the nation (regardless of their vaccination status) …

While openly welcoming non-Americans who are well-known for carrying COVID straight across the border.

Sen. Ted Cruz, who is never one to tolerate extensive Democrat malarkey, openly assailed the Biden administration for this rather gross dereliction of public responsibility (on multiple levels).

“We have a border crisis in the state of Texas. We’re seeing it first-hand…500,000 people have crossed into this country illegally in the first six months. We’re on pace for over two million people this year. That is the highest rate of illegal immigration in 20 years …

And I can tell you in that facility, when we visited it, the rate of COVID positivity was over 10%. You’re packing children in cages with a lot of them having COVID and four of them getting COVID and the Biden Administration is ignoring the law and releasing into our communities — people that have COVID, most of whom are coming across this border who are not vaccinated.” [Source: Breitbart]

So, in other words, law-abiding, fully vaccinated Americans face far more governmental restrictions, including arbitrary lockdowns and endless mask mandates, than non-law-abiding, COVID-laden, non-Americans currently storming the border.

Not only do Americans have to worry about a massive uptick in cartel violence and all the horrific activities that go along with it, including human trafficking, but now they also have to worry about who knows how many nasty variants may cross over the border alongside various criminal organizations.

Variants that are apparently immune to the widely promoted vaccines, given the rather obvious coverup of the real rate of COVID infections occurring amongst government officials now …

Author: Jane Jones