Biden Admin Stuns With Border Crisis Blame Game

Alejandro Mayorkas, who serves as the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Biden administration has recently chosen an interesting culprit to blame for the border crisis. According to Mayorkas, Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is responsible for the crisis at the border, as well as for the events of January 6 on Capitol Hill. Mayorkas also labeled the Capitol Hill protestors as terrorists.

In an interview earlier this week, Mayorkas finally acknowledged serious issues at the border after downplaying them earlier in the year. However, Mayorkas did not place any blame on himself, Kamala Harris, or Joe Biden. On the contrary, Mayorkas blamed the current status of the border on the Trump administration. Specifically, Mayorkas claimed that Trump had not been sending enough funds to the Central American nations that migrants are fleeing from.

“What makes the challenge so acute at this point in time,” Mayorkas proclaimed, is that “we are following an administration that, frankly, dismantled our capabilities to address [the border crisis].”

Mayorkas continued onwards to lament about losing “four years of investing in [those] countries,” as well as the fact that the administration is starting to build back “from the ground up.”

In addition, Mayorkas claims that the Biden administration’s current plan for solving the crisis at the border has been put in place and it is presumably working, noting that several “remarkable people” are working to help improve the ballooning border criss.

However, in spite of Mayorkas’s commentary, relatively little action has been taken by the Biden administration with regards to reducing the number of migrants illegally crossing the border.

Mayorkas also rambled on about “domestic violent extremism” posing the biggest terrorist threat to the United States, in reference to the events of Capitol Hill on January 6. However, Republican representatives have argued that the protestors from January 6 are presently facing political persecution for their participation in Trump’s rally.

Furthermore, Mayorkas also referenced a political purge taking place in the United States military, presumably to address the threat of domestic violence extremism. He added that it is the first time in the nation’s history where various servicemen and servicewomen may be labeled as “terrorists,” alongside multiple millions of other Americans who are passionate about their country.