Biden Almost Blows It With Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

Well, when Biden passed a rather bizarre 100-day moratorium on deporting illegally present migrants, he apparently greenlighted the release of sex offenders. As observed directly by an ICE officer based in Houston, agents were apparently commanded to “release them all, immediately,” in reference to jailed illegal immigrants.

Which literally almost released sex offenders on the American public, individuals who already have zero business being inside the nation in the first place. One can only hope this greenlighting was inadvertent, though incompetence is zero excuse for endangering the American public.

On top of that, while being a sex offender is bad enough, these particular sex offenders apparently victimized children or underage minors. Quite the feat for an administration so intent on “the restoration of sanity” for women’s rights.

In fact, the Vice President of the National Partnership for Women and Families, Sarah Fink, proclaimed that the Biden administration is the apparent embodiment of “rational thinking.” Some of this stuff just can’t be made up … As seen below.

“The past four years have been devastating for women, and they’ve been devastating for families …

To look forward to the next four years, and talk about what we’re looking for from a Biden-Harris administration, some of it of it is simply a restoration of sanity, of rational, evidence-based thinking.” [Source: Reuters]

Great, Biden administration, just great. With such a focus on “evidence,” exactly how is even the potential release of sexual offenders who target children justified? How is it “rational,” according to Ms. Fink?

Moreover, as far as rights are concerned, how about minors’ rights? Their families? For that matter, how about the general right of the American public to feel reasonably safe and secure in their own nation?

Or, since Texas dares to vote red and attract some of the most successful American businesses (away from California) in the nation, are all Texans simply expendable to a power-hungry, globalist administration?

More likely than not, that “restoration of sanity” for women’s rights just more gaslighting, right up there with the “unity” and “transparency” that the current administration presumably bases itself upon. In the script, anyway.

Fortunately, at least for now, some individuals refuse to kowtow to ultra-left D.C., which has no problem continuing to keep thousands of National Guard present to protect Democrats while throwing Americans near the border to the wolves.

One such individual includes Texas AG Ken Paxton, who held back nothing in his commentary on Biden’s moratorium.

“Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze … *This* was a seditious left-wing insurrection. And my team and I stopped it.” [Source: The Texas Tribune]

Federal Judge Drew Tipton, who, unsurprisingly, is a Trump-appointed judge, also sided with Paxton and passed judgment accordingly.

“Texas argues that ‘the categorical refusal to remove aliens ordered removable will encourage additional illegal immigration into Texas,’ thereby exacerbating its public service costs. Such injury is not, as a legal matter, purely speculative … The Court finds that the foregoing establishes a substantial risk of imminent and irreparable harm to Texas.” [Source: The Texas Tribune]

Unfortunately, while three sex offenders may have ultimately not been released, tens of thousands of other illegal migrants are set to be released throughout California, and, apparently, Texas.

Courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is apparently becoming the antithesis of national security, Biden has abolished Trump’s rather logical “Return to Mexico” policy, which means that approximately 25,600 migrants will begin formally processing their entry into the United States as of February 19.

The kicker? The DHS refuses to comment on whether or not the migrants will be tested for COVID.

Wait for some mysterious COVID variant from some other nation suddenly appear across the United States, further “justifying” the mini state dictators’ (and their federal overlords’) continued elimination of American liberties, all while raising taxes on the same Americans to fund an entirely unsustainable “amnesty” program.

One can only hope that Texans, as well as other red states, can hold their own against a rather obvious, vengeful assault by the present administration, not only on their freedoms, but their personal security.

One can also only imagine how much worse Kamala and Company would be at the helm instead. If they aren’t already, that is …

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