Biden Approval Ratings Take Massive Nosedive

Over the weekend, Joe Biden’s presidential approval ratings have reached a fresh low, per the results of a recently released poll.

According to the results of a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, which were released on Sunday, Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 38 percent, a new low. Additionally, 59 percent of poll respondents indicate strong disapproval of Biden’s presidential performance thus far.

The results of the poll arrive just one year before the 2022 midterm elections, and these results were compiled prior to the passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill; while the social spending bill remains on hold, it has also made alleged progress in the House.

The poll also provided compelling insights into other realities plaguing the Biden administration, much to the Democrats’ chagrin.

For instance, 46 percent of poll respondents indicated that Biden has performed more poorly than expected; of that 46 percent, 16 percent voted for Biden in 2020. Biden lost significant ground with independents in particular, with 44 percent indicating that Biden has performed worse than expected.

Moreover, 64 percent indicated that they do not wish for Biden to run for a second term in 2024, which includes approximately 28 percent of Democrats. Opposition against Donald Trump also remains strong, with 58 percent of respondents opposed to the former president running again in 2024, including 24 percent of Republicans.

In the theoretical scenario in which Trump and Biden face off in a presidential scenario today, approximately 44 percent of respondents indicated they would vote for Trump, whereas 40 percent would vote for Biden. However, 11 percent of respondents indicated that they would be voting for a third-party candidate, though a name was not provided.

Only 20 percent of respondents asserted that the nation was headed in the appropriate direction, with 66 percent asserting that the nation is headed into the wrong direction. However, the infrastructure bill received support from 61 percent of poll respondents, though 32 percent oppose it. The social spending package is less popular, as 47 percent of respondents indicated approval whereas 44 percent indicated disapproval.

Vice President Kamala Harris also fared poorly in the polls, with a grand total of 28 percent of respondents approving of her current job performance.

The poll results were derived from 1,000 registered voters via cell phone and landline between November 3-5; the margin of error is plus/minus 3.1 percent.