Biden Backpedals Furiously, But He Can’t Hide His Role In This

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, has attempted denying that Biden has played any role in the Major League Baseball (MLB) decision to move the All-Start Game out of Georgia. 

During an interview with ESPN last week, Biden himself claimed that he would have no issue with the MLB boycotting Georgia. Consequently, the MLB opted to boycott Georgia, eliminating the $100M in revenue that Cobb County was going to receive.

Currently, the White House will not admit Biden’s influence on the MLB and insisted that he never called for or endorsed a boycott. Instead, the White House claims that Biden merely wanted voting legislation that presumably makes it even easier to vote. 

However, the new legislation in Georgia already does that, given that early voting was expanded to 17 days as a result of the new legislation.

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