Biden Blasted With Criticism Over Stranded Americans

While the Biden administration may want to pretend the fiasco in Afghanistan never happened, the reality is that quite a few Americans remain mired in the nation’s conflict.

No thanks to the utter ineptitude of the Biden administration.

However, other political representatives have not forgotten these Americans, nor the disaster in general, which is evident from recent rebukes from Senator Lindsey Graham.

Recently, Graham offloaded on Biden in an utterly epic manner, shredding his general absence of accountability for the fiasco, as well as how he brazenly ignored logical military guidance.

“Well, number one, if you’re looking for somebody to blame, Joe Biden needs to look in the mirror. What do we do? We try to save the children from being starved to death without empowering the Taliban. So there’s a couple of things I want you to know. How did we get here?

Joe Biden is the most incompetent president in my lifetime. He had a plan that did not work. He turned down sound military advice. They don’t know if there’s 350 Americans left behind or 700. We do know there are thousands of Afghans who fought along our side that have been left behind.” [Source: Fox News]

To be fair, Biden’s handlers may have removed all the mirrors.

That said, whoever is really responsible for the “plan” to withdraw from Afghanistan was certainly not interested in the human ramifcations of such a fiasco, which makes the Democrats’ so-called “human infrastructure” bill all the more humorous, given their lack of concern for humanity in Afghanistan.

Including American citizens.

Even worse, not only does Biden fail to even address Americans in Afghanistan, he definitely does not address the fact that the nation has once again become subsumed by terrorist organizations.

“Afghanistan is in freefall. Al Qaeda is flourishing. ISIS is getting stronger. And the Taliban told the State Department, our State Department, they would not help us when it comes to trying to control Al Qaeda, who has sworn to kill us all, if they could. So I consider that action by the Taliban, refusing to help us when it comes to policing al Qaeda, a declaration of war …

It’s tantamount declaring war on the United States. If you’re not willing to help us deal with our al Qaeda problem, the world’s al Qaeda problem, then you really that’s a hostile act to me under the law of war. So Afghanistan is the biggest national security threat in the near term. It’s the biggest humanitarian disaster on the planet in immediate terms. And over time, it only gets worse.” [Source: Fox News]

The Taliban clearly declared war on the United States, but Biden apparently decided to depend on them for the “safe passage” of Americans.


Even worse, not only does Afghanistan pose a clear and present danger in the near term, but a number of other nations also pose a clear and present danger in the mid-term, at minimum, if not the near term.

For instance, Iran has been chomping away at the opportunity to re-empower its nuclear ambitions, clearly eager to take advantage of the rather oblivious Biden.

However, State Department Press Secretary Ned Price has also pointed out a number of issues that have arisen with Iran (what a surprise!) with regards to nuclear talks.

“Look, if Iran’s goal, as they say, is a return to the JCPOA, they need to engage and they need to engage in the Vienna format … No other participant can provide answers on the questions Iran reportedly wants to raise, such as guarantees and sanctions and issues pertaining to the lifting of sanctions. Those are issues that need to be worked out in Vienna with the United States.” [Source: OANN]

Given that Biden doesn’t seem fully aware of all situations at all times, one can only wonder if Biden is even aware of what’s going on with regards to Iran at all, never mind the latest developments.

Worst of all, if Biden can bungle Afghanistan in such a global and public manner, one can only imagine how gleeful Russia and China must be … and one can only hope that they don’t attempt anything major before the 2022 midterms …

With any luck, MAGA will take back DC and offset growing threats from international enemies.

Author: Jane Jones