Biden Blows It Big Time On Live Broadcast

Well, if anyone had any doubts whether or not Biden has a puppet master, all of those doubts should be promptly erased upon the most disastrous interaction Biden has held with the press yet.

As reported by Newsweek, Biden actually asked Nancy Pelosi whether or not he should “take questions,” leaving a whole lot of questions in the room as to why, not to mention how, Pelosi was somehow directing Biden.

“During the session from the White House briefing room on Wednesday, Biden had urged fellow Democrats to make the case for the COVID relief package to their constituents.

At the end of the speech, Biden said: “I’m happy to take questions, if that’s what I’m supposed to do Nance,” referring to the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had introduced him at the start of his address.

“Whatever you want me to do,” he added, looking ready to field questions. But then the feed abruptly ended and a graphic of the White House appeared on screen.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Wow. How utterly transparent that exchange was. First, Biden asking Pelosi if he should take questions or not? Isn’t that his directive? Did you ever hear Trump (even once) lean over and say, “Hey Pence, should I take questions today?”

Exactly how much confidence are Americans supposed to feel in such an insane performance?

Put it this way: Biden’s performance was so frightening that even the ultra-leftist CNN finally had to admit that Biden wasn’t exactly his greatest self when he called for assistance from “Nance.”

According to CNN critic Brian Stelter, Biden is providing insufficient access to the press, coupled with a decided lack of transparency.

“There are many ways to measure an American president’s accessibility. One way is by counting press conferences. Right now, by that count, President Biden looks invisible …

In my view, reporters are right to be pushing for more Q&A access, and they shouldn’t let up the pressure … Biden should use the press conference setting to tell the public about what he’s doing.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

So, in other words, even CNN is now saying that Biden is not transparent, and that Biden also isn’t informing the public about “what he’s doing.” Given that CNN has been nothing short of a space cadet cheerleader for Biden, it’s pretty frightening when that network can’t spin Biden’s latest bungling of press interfacing.

That would likely be due to the fact that Biden is probably doing very little behind the scenes, aside from signing on command for convenient photo ops, while the (admittedly limited) “brains” of Kamala, Obama, Pelosi, and apparently BLM and Antifa, decide what’s “best” for national policy.

Even better, what little Biden is doing is the exact reverse of what he suggested he’d do this past fall, beginning with far fewer executive orders than his predecessor, Trump. (Hey, Biden, did it occur to you that Trump’s executive orders were also entirely unsurprising as they aligned exactly with what he said he’d do?)

Even Mitch McConnell, who apparently can’t decide whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican, has noted Biden’s rather authoritarian movements.

“As recently as October, now-President Biden said ‘you can’t [legislate] by executive action unless you’re a dictator … In one week, he’s signed more than 30 unilateral actions. And working Americans are getting short shrift.”
[Source: Fox News]

“Short shrift.” That’s one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is “totally punished and excluded from political representation,” which is a nice way of summing up the emphasis on illegals and non-taxpaying transgender teenagers.

Even Megan McCain has called out Biden for his behavior, which says quite a lot.

“If you’re Joe Biden and you’re losing The New York Times on this and you’ve made 19 executive orders, as opposed to President Trump who did five in his first week, President Obama who did five in his first week, Presidents Bush and Clinton who did zero, it may be time to start working with the other side.”
[Source: Fox News]

And … we’re just two months in to this?

Buckle up tightly, as this ride is going to become quite bumpy …

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