Biden Blows It With America’s Scariest Foreign Enemy

Biden appears to have taken an overly sleepy approach to dealing with persistent threats from North Korea. 

This approach was even more prominent recently, when both the Department of Defense and the White House failed to respond compellingly to additional nuclear missile tests and developments from the Far East Asian nation.

Biden’s lackluster response represents a massive turn from the fire and fury response Trump delivered to North Korea and its dictator, a response that eventually culminated in bilateral discussions. In contrast, Biden has vaguely referenced the value of proportional responses.

According to Biden, the United States is presently “consulting” with various partners and allies, and he claims, “there will be responses if [North Korea] chooses to escalate.”

The Asian country has recently increased its harsh commentary regarding the Biden administration, with various officials insisting that Biden has inhibited the nation’s right to self-defense through weakening efforts to build up its nuclear arsenal. 

In addition, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, has railed against the Biden administration for continuing various joint military exercises with South Korea, a strong ally of the United States. Kim Yo Jung also proclaimed that the United States must cease these exercises if the nation would like to experience peace over the next four years.

Furthermore, experts have noted that North Korea appears to be increasing its nuclear arsenal with more ICBMs, which can travel further distances than prior efforts. Moreover, the latest missile test conducted by North Korea illuminates that their most recent weapons may be up to 6x more powerful than the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

Meanwhile, Biden also commented that he is “prepared for some form of diplomacy,” though all forms of diplomacy must lead to “the end result of denuclearization,” which is why the United States has continued “consulting with [its] allies.”

Ultimately, Biden’s actions moving forward will entail conducting a thorough review of the United States’ current relations with North Korea, as well as deferring varied responsibilities to allies of the United States, with the hopes of pressuring North Korea to halt or deescalate its nuclear objectives.

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