Biden Blows Off Mask Mandates

President Joe Biden, along with First Lady Jill Biden, recently violated the indoor mask mandates in Washington, D. C. Both Bidens strolled casually through the expensive Georgetown restaurant with no masks on over the weekend.

The mask-less couple was photographed and recorded leaving the high-end Fiola Mare while accompanied by numerous Secret Service agents. The Secret Service agents wore masks.

The Bidens enjoyed a lavish dinner at the exclusive Italian seafood restaurant, which is located on the Potomac River. The dinner took place after the Bidens jointly attended a church service at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, which is also located in Georgetown.

Over the summer, Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, D. C., launched a reinstatement of the indoor mask mandate due to the surge of the COVID delta variant. Moreover, Fiola Mare also has a mask policy in place, which means that the Bidens violated two different orders.

According to the restaurant’s website, strict mask mandates will be enforced, namely masks for all individuals aged 2 or older, due to both the mayor’s executive order and CDC guidance.

“Masks must be always worn while in our restaurants, except while eating and drinking,” the restaurant website states, “Thank you for understanding.”

Various establishments, such as Fiola Mare, that do not enforce the mayor’s executive order can face an array of penalties, including fines, warnings, and, in some cases, the revocation of licenses.

However, the mayor’s executive mandate has a twist, in that it excluded federal government officials. Specifically, “the enforcement provisions of this Order” are not applicable “to persons in the federal government or legislative branch of the District government while those persons are on duty.”

Consequently, Bowser herself has oftentimes been photographed without wearing a mask, in spite of her own draconian mask mandates.

Multiple hours before the indoor mask mandate went into renewed effect in July, Bowser enjoyed a mask-less birthday celebration with popular comedian Dave Chappelle.

In addition, Bowser also attracted major controversy in September when she posted a photo of herself and a group of women gathered at an indoor Jack and Jill summit; in this photo, Bowser also declined to wear a mask.