Biden Boasts About His “Extraordinary” Success — But No One’s Buying It

Apparently, Biden has become completely detached from reality, at least judging from the latest bloviations from the Oval Office.

After arriving two hours late to his speech Tuesday, Biden actually had the gall to boast about his administration’s “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan.

“The extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of the United States military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals.” [Source: OANN]


Courtesy of Biden, the United States was effectively chased out of Afghanistan by the Taliban, leaving several hundred Americans stranded in the nation, and Biden refers to such a mission as a success?

Is it a success for all the women who will now no longer be able to pursue educational or professional opportunities? Is it a success for religious minorities and Islamic moderates?

Is it a success for the allies of the United States? Given that Biden’s disastrous withdrawal has been referred to as the “biggest debacle NATO has suffered since its founding,” Biden surely has a curious definition of “success.”

Biden’s speech became even worse when he proceeded to engage in “tough talk” against the Taliban, who are well aware of how weak the United States is with Biden at the helm.

“To ISIS-K, we are not done with you yet. As commander in chief, I firmly believe the best path to guard our safety and our security lies in the tough, unforgiving, targeted, precise strategy that goes after terror where it is today, not where it was two decades ago … That’s what’s in our national interest.” [Source: OANN]


The Taliban is most certainly shaking in their brand-new, American military equipment, another gift bestowed upon them by the Biden administration.

And as far as “national interest” is concerned, it would be nice if Biden were to address the hordes of Americans left stranded in Afghanistan.

Circle Back Psaki vaguely addressed the stranded Americans, if only to insist that the Biden administration presumably remains intent upon evacuating all Americans who wish to be evacuated out of the nation.

“The president remains committed to getting every American citizen who wants to get out, out, … hat’s an enduring commitment, one that will not change and one we’re going to focus on every single day.” [Source: Fox News]


And that’s why Biden ensured all the American troops were out one day early, or one day in advance of the deadline with the Taliban, even if it meant leaving Americans behind in order to do so. Got it.

On top of that, Psaki also proclaimed that the United States has massive “leverage” over the Taliban, which is an especially hilarious statement to make in light of all the events that have unfolded over the past several days.

“We have enormous leverage over the Taliban, including access to the global marketplace …

That’s no small piece of leverage. And in order to gain access to the global marketplace, we’re going to be watching closely, as will the global community. I would note that yesterday the U.N. Security Council also signed and passed a resolution that made clear to what the expectation is in terms of safe travel and evacuation or departure, I should say, of individuals who want to leave Afghanistan.” [Source: Fox News]

News flash, Psaki: Given that the United States literally just handed over tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment to the Taliban for free, exactly what need does the terrorist organization have for the “global marketplace” at this point in time?

It must be nice to dwell within the White House, which has not only abdicated its accountability, but also any form of remote responsibility.

After all, Biden apparently believes the war is magically “over” just because he says it is.

“My fellow Americans, the war in Afghanistan is now over … When I was running for president, I made a commitment to the American people that I would end this war … Today, I honored that. It was time to be honest with the American people again.” [Source: Fox News]

Honesty is one attribute that the Biden administration should never comment on …