Biden Brazenly Bullies GOP Senate Candidates

Biden may be in the hot seat now over yet another international crisis, but that truly does not give him an excuse to begin bullying prospective GOP candidates for the 2022 midterm elections.

Particularly since both candidates are quite diverse in terms of their backgrounds, and the Democrats claim to be all about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Provided you subscribe to their extremist beliefs, that is. Otherwise, barring that unwavering devotion to Democrat beliefs, then you may as well be excommunicated, which is precisely what the Biden administration is trying to do now with Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker, a Turkish doctor and African American football hero, both of whom are fierce backers of freedom and American values.

Which means that they both naturally attract the wrath of America-hating Democrats, who have apparently taken it upon themselves to target both Dr. Oz and Walker.

Specifically, both GOP Senate candidates currently serve on the Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition Council, and both were naturally appointed by President Trump.

Naturally, that means that Biden had to attack them at some point sooner or later, and the president has apparently opted to attack them while the world remains distracted by Putin.

And the Biden administration did so in the form of a rather curt letter from one of Biden’s many lackeys, which declares: “On behalf of President Biden, I am writing to you to request your resignation as a Member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. Please submit your resignation to me by the close of business today. Should be not receive your resignation, your position with the Council will be terminated effective 6:00 pm tonight.”

Well, how reasonable. At least they gave Dr. Oz and Walker until 6:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 p.m., though of course such a letter never sould have been sent at all.

Fortunately, since Twitter has yet to ban all conservatives (though the platform is surely headed in that direction), Dr. Oz was able to inform his followers almost immediately about Biden’s rather brazen bias.

“President Trump appointed me to two terms on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition,” Dr. Oz declared, “The White House just emailed me demanding my resignation by the end of the day.”

Well, that was abrupt. When the Biden administration wants someone gone, they clearly want them gone, stat.

Of course, this is the same White House that apparently must move at a glacial pace in terms of anything else regarding the pandemic or virus generally.

Then again, apparently different opinions are even scarier than a virus and must be stamped out immediately, lest someone actually recognize the enormous amount of deception upon which the Biden administration is built.

And it looks like Dr. Oz just might call the Biden administration’s bluff, as he does not appear poised to readily step down.

“Clearly, Joe Biden can’t be around anyone who doesn’t completely fall in line with his fear-mongering authoritarian one-size-fits-all COVID handling,” Dr. Oz remarked, “I am proud of my service and will not resign.”


If anyone were to resign, it should be none other than pharmaceutical shill Fauci, who should have been a marketing executive for Pfizer rather than a so-called public health official who mysteriously happened to become a multimillionaire during his years of “service.”

Author: Ofelia Thornton