Biden Busted: Caught Paying Millions To Keep Anti-Trump Policies In Play

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Joe Biden’s previous Border Patrol Chief, Rodney Scott, revealed that the American taxpayers are presently paying millions of dollars per day in order to “not” build a wall along its border with neighboring Mexico.

In a conversation with Host Bret Baier, Scott, who served in Border Patrol for at least three decades, confirmed that the nation is currently paying $5M per day to varied contractors who had been tasked with building the wall. Even though construction on the wall has been completely halted, contractors are still paid per their prior agreement with the government.

Numerous projects “are just still on hold” to this day, Scott stated, adding that for a significant period of time, the cost escalated to “almost $5M per day,” when factoring in the contracts associated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD) with regards to building the border wall.

“[Taxpayer funds are] just trickling away to contractors for not doing work each day,” Scott wryly noted.

Furthermore, in several areas where Donald Trump had ordered wall construction, all that remains currently includes “hundreds of cameras,” “hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling,” and “stacks and stacks of border wall panels” that are merely “sitting [around].”

Scott’s claims can also be corroborated with the findings presented by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management report, which was released in July.

This report reveals that the Biden administration is spending at least $2B on cancelling wall construction, which is up to $3M per day. Currently, contractors are paid merely to guard material for the wall, rather than actually build the wall.

The report also reveals that a total of $10B had been transferred to the DOD for wall construction at the end of Trump’s presidency. Within the first six months of the Biden administration, at least $2B of that $10B has been completely wasted.

The report also revealed that the $2B represents a “waste of taxpayer resources” especially when taking into account national security and military readiness.

Scott also agreed that the current approach of the Biden administration is endangering the nation. In spite of his efforts to keep various Trump policies in place, no one reportedly listened.

“We made it very clear that if we dropped [Trump policies] … we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control,” Scott said gravely.