Biden Busted Flying Illegals To (Another) Swing State

In the past month, at least 130 illegal immigrants were flown to Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Pennsylvania and subsequently sent on buses to unknown locations. However, according to Representative Dan Meuser, the Biden administration did not bother to inform anyone about the illegal migrant flights until they happened.

The plane included a total of 118 minors and 12 adults, and it is not the first flight to arrive in Pennsylvania.

According to Rep. Meuser, the Biden administration did its “very best to make this secretive,” noting how “planeloads of underage migrants” have been secretly flown into Northeastern Pennsylvania under the guise of “quietly resettling them across the region.”

The Republican representative also noted that at last four planes have arrived in the state in recent times. Meuser has subsequently sent several letters to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to no avail.

“[The border situation is] a complete disaster created by the Biden administration,” Meusuer noted.

In addition, the Republican representative has visited the border on more than one occasion, and he informed Newsmax that the Biden administration has placed effective gag orders on Border Patrol agents in order to prevent them from speaking to various delegates.

“I was asked to give up my phone,” Meuser remarked in disbelief, adding that such a policy “never existed under the Trump administration.” The representative also noted that many of his constituents are angry, especially given the “lack of transparency and the dishonesty” that has become characteristic of the Biden administration.

“This is outrageous,” he concluded.