Biden Campaign Drowning After Graphic Corruption Evidence Exposed

Well, that escalated quite quickly. Very quickly, actually, with a number of astonishing revelations (and photographs) continuously revealed over the weekend. All courtesy of a hard drive that Hunter Biden forgot to recuperate, perhaps due to his constant distractions with exotic dancers and various foreign actors.

From announcing Hunter Biden’s well-known, highly shady connections to nefarious enterprises in the Ukraine and China to exposing the contents of Biden’s troublesome hard drive and emails to a former business associate, one thing has become clear: Joe Biden has a whole lot of explaining to do, not only for his son’s extracurricular activities, but also the role he himself played in these extracurricular activities while serving as vice-president under Obama.

Among the numerous revelations revealed over the weekend, some of the most memorable include photographs and incredibly shady emails that show exactly what Biden did during his vice-presidency with the Obama administration.

In addition, unlike the “unnamed sources” regarding Trump that routinely flood fake news (in other words, the fake sources), Hunter Biden’s own business partner, Bevan Cooney, personally turned over tens of thousands of emails that demonstrate an indisputable link between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.
Excerpted below are some of the details provided by news contributor Peter Schweizer, who is presently sifting through the myriad emails provided by Hunter Biden’s previous partner.

“Bevan Cooney was business partners with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer … he [Cooney] really feels like Hunter Biden was able to walk off scot-free …

He recently reached out through Matt Tyrmand, a journalist, and said I want to give you access to all of my emails in my Gmail account. He gave us written approval to do that, and gave us the password. We have been going through the 26,000 emails. The article that we ran on Breitbart, about China, Inc., is the first of what are going to be several …

In this particular story what we lay out is how Hunter Biden and his business partners set up a meeting for this group called the China Entrepreneurs Club. Don’t let that benign name fool you; this is regarded as joined at the hip with the Chinese communist government. This China Entrepreneurs Club wanted meeting at the highest levels of the White House and Hunter Biden arranged them …

What’s very curious about this is not only that they got these meetings on November 14, 2011, but they actually, according to members, had a private, secret meeting with Joe Biden himself.” [Source: Breitbart]

One can only wonder how in the world Hunter got away with this, until one remembers the shadow in which he operated under: the omnipresent Obama, who never met a camera (and microphone) that he didn’t like.

In other words, Obama’s showmanship (and repeated engagement in disastrous Middle East conflicts) provided a nice cover for the Bidens’ unscrupulous behavior.

While Obama’s clear disdain for the United States and its liberties has been apparent to anyone with remotely open eyes, it may seem surprising at first that Obama would allow this degree of malarkey to occur under his watch. After all, the surprise is not so much that Obama cares much about jeopardizing the United States’ national security while simultaneously empowering its enemies; instead, the surprise is that Obama would be linked to corruption that is indisputably obvious to anyone, aside from the most hard core of hard core leftists.

Then again, as explosive declassification has revealed, Obama was not only one of the key architects in attempting to undermine Trump’s campaign, namely through inventing Russian bogeyman to detract attention from Clinton’s deliberately disappeared emails, but he also had no issue abusing FISA warrants and the intelligence services for his own personal interests.

So, since Obama was involved in something as obvious as shenanigans with domestic actors, it should not be that surprising after all that Obama turned a blind eye towards his vice-president’s side deals with the Ukraine and China.

While Biden may not promise the most robust, job-creating recovery for Americans (which is worded as nicely as possible), he certainly hit the ball out of the park in terms of assuring rather handsomely paid “employment” for his son Hunter, who wisely spent much of it on an array of drugs and dubious women. If that’s not enabling, it’s unclear what the definition of enabling would be.

For that matter, wouldn’t Hunter represent one of the absolute heights of “white privilege”? In this case, not even meritocracy (i.e., earning things based on merit, how it should be) played a role in Hunter’s case: Instead, good old-fashioned connections direct to the White house opened a massive array of “employment” opportunities for Hunter.

American national security, be damned, as long as Hunter remains perpetually spoiled.

On a more sobering note, if Hunter and Joe were able to get away with this much when Joe served merely as vice-president to Obama, imagine what Joe could get away with as President of the United States, especially with another bought-and-sold “politician” serving as his vice-president.

Not only would a Biden win be all but guaranteed to destroy the economy long-term, but the destruction of national security would probably harm the United States even more immediately than long-term economic destruction.

It is clear that the Bidens have zero issue selling out Americans to the Chinese, especially since the Chinese are likely to pay an even higher price now. It is also clear that the Bidens are known worldwide as shady dealmakers who like to bury their deals deep, which means the United States would become even less credible to its foreign enemies.

In other words, American Patriots have long known that a vote for Trump is a vote against leftists’ thirsts to eliminate all personal liberty and autonomy. After all, the entire summer has featured a range of burning (liberal) cities and statue destruction, along for open calls to abolish American institutions, courtesy of the squad.

Now, in light of more revelations regarding Hunter Biden, Americans should also be acutely aware of the fact that a vote for Trump isn’t just a vote for liberty: It’s a vote for national security.

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