Biden Caught In The Biggest Lie Of His So-Called Presidency

An article in the NY Post on Wednesday seems to confirm stories published last year that then-VP Joe Biden met with his son Hunter’s business connections from Kazakhstan in, DC, despite denials of this meeting.

In Aug. 2019, while on the campaign trail, Biden told journalists: “I have never spoken with my son about anything in relation to their businesses.”

The new Post article casts more doubt on that statement.

In Oct. 2020, a photograph was revealed showing VP Biden and Hunter Biden with Kenes Rakishev from Kazakhstan, who had spoken of business ventures with Hunter.

Now, the NY Post is reporting on the event:

“Biden met with Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakhstani connections at a dinner in DC, while he was VP, records on Hunter’s laptop show.”

The dinner, on April 16th of 2015, was inside the private “Garden Room” of Café Milano, a Georgetown establishment whose saying is: ‘Where the most powerful people in the world go.'”

The date is the crucial part: because the next day, April 17th of 2015, the Post says, was when Hunter got an email from a top executive of the corrupt Ukrainian energy giant, Burisma, thanking him for introducing him to his dad. The email was among the biggest findings on Hunter’s laptop.

The Biden campaign responded at the time that their “official schedules” revealed no meeting with Burisma executives. Then the media and big tech giants suppressed the story.

But the story of corruption does not end there.

The Post also says that Hunter used the World Food Program as a smokescreen for the meeting between his dad and his business connections. And Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has already requested that the DOJ look into Hunter for not registering as a foreign agent while representing China-based companies.

There will also be questions about then-VP Biden’s apparent use of his title to benefit a family business interest.

Thanks to the impeachment of former President Trump, there is now legal precedent for impeaching former officials, even after they are out of office.

Author: Steven Sinclaire