Biden Collapses Under The Weight Of The 25th Amendment

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), has absolutely had it with the Biden administration, and he’s not afraid to hide it.

First off, the fact that Biden has managed to destroy the economic progress that Trump made after the disastrous debacle of Obama is reason enough to be furious at him.

After all, U.S. debt is now only approaching $45T or so, per Scott.

“Inflation is raging. The debt ceiling expired & U.S. debt is headed to $45 TRILLION. Kabul is falling to the Taliban & encounters in the #BidenBorderCrisis just hit a 20 YEAR HIGH. Democrats control the House, Senate & @WhiteHouse. What in the world is Joe Biden doing?” [Source: Breitbart]

Well one thing Biden is doing is a bunch of virtue signaling alongside massively open borders, but as far as coming up with something productive Biden is doing … well, that silence could have enabled someone to hear a pin drop.

However, Scott has really lost it over the fact that a significant percentage of those trillions could be attributed to the endless War on Terror in Afghanistan, which Biden managed to utterly obliterate in just a few weeks’ time.

Which is precisely why Scott is calling for invocation of the 25th Amendment.

“After the disastrous events in Afghanistan, we must confront a serious question: Is Joe Biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th Amendment?” [Source: Breitbart]

That question could have been confronted before Biden even took office.

However, the Democrats had to have their way, even if it means the literal destruction of the world.

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) is even more bold about his 25th Amendment proclamations, observing that he had been calling for the 25th Amendment for a long time due to Biden’s rather obvious incompetence.

Of course, Jackson was resoundingly attacked at the time, though it is quite clear that Jackson has a point. Even more so now.

“Remember when I said it was time to consider the 25th Amendment and the LIARS in the liberal press ATTACKED me? I wonder what they think now after Biden is very OBVIOUSLY mentally incapable of leading during a crisis. Something MUST be done!” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Something must be done all right. The problem is that Biden would be replaced with Kamala, which is probably even more horrifying.

Though at least Hunter would be out of the way.

And, courtesy of Hunter’s leaked laptop, it appears he has more to say than his dad, who apparently remains hidden in Camp David, eschewing all interactions with reporters, of course.

As observed by Representative Ken Johnson (R-LA).

“That this stunning failure has been met with silence from President Biden, calls into serious question his ability to carry out his duties as Commander in Chief … While he vacations at Camp David, America’s stature in the world has taken another massive step backwards. It is shameful, and it is dangerous, and I hope every one of us will acknowledge that publicly.” [Source: OANN]

Well, what is to be expected from someone who campaigns from his basement?

That said, the entire situation is incredibly shameful, as well as incredibly dangerous, and one can only imagine where the world is headed next.

Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban, apparently knows, as evidenced from a gleeful interview he gave to Al Jazeera.

“Today is a great day for the Afghan people and the mujahideen. They have witnessed the fruits of their efforts and their sacrifices for 20 years … Thanks to God, the war is over in the country.” [Source: Breitbart]

Meanwhile, the war over the Biden presidency is just getting started here …

Author: Ofelia Thornton