Biden Declines To Connect With Key Ally

During the first two weeks of his administration, Biden has yet to reach out to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as confirmed by the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki. However, Psaki could not explain why Biden had not yet done so.

During an exchange in Tuesday’s White House briefing, a reporter inquired as to whether or not Psaki had spoken with the Prime Minister, noting that it was “surprising” Biden had not yet done so.

Psaki replied that it was not overly surprising, as Biden “hasn’t called every foreign leader yet” though “his first love is foreign policy.” She also added that Biden will have “additional engagements in the weeks ahead,” before affirming the United States’ “long and abiding relationship with Israel.”

Psaki wrapped up her response by stating Biden and Netanyahu will discuss “a range of issues” once they connected.

Trump, in sharp contrast to Biden, initiated communications with Netanyahu on January 22, 2017, or his second full day in office.

On the other hand, Biden has spoken to the following foreign leaders thus far: President Vladimir Putin of Russia; Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan; Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany; President Emmanuel Macron of France; Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom; President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada; and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg of NATO.

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