Biden Demands Multiple Trillions From Taxpayers

Remember all the critics that snarled that Trump would draw the world into imminent conflict, nuclear war, World War III, and just about every other disastrous circumstance you can think of?

Remember how all the same critics went on and on about how Biden would be a return to so-called unity, clearly forgetting the deliberate disunity commenced by Obama?

On the contrary, it seems that Biden may well be the most war mongering president yet, given the extreme violence that has unfolded under his watch, both inside and outside the borders.

From cartel members openly firing at border patrol agents to Democrat cities suffering from smash and grab robberies alongside more Walgreens closures, it is little surprise that the rest of the world has further mimicked the havoc that’s set in with the Biden administration.

Afghanistan has fallen to pieces and Biden blundered at least three different times while in Europe recently, sparking furious backpedaling from the White House in an effort to prevent World War III.

Perhaps the most disturbing element of the Biden administration in its entirety includes the fact that it cannot pick one or two major issues to focus on.

Trump, for instance, focused on the Border Wall and peace deals internationally (imagine that!), as well as building the economy and empowering all
Americans, regardless of racial background, spurring the greatest advancements the economy had seen in years.

Until the Wuhan virus, of course, likely aided and abetted by the rather shady buyers of Hunter Biden’s “artwork.”

Biden also went from wanting to basically abolish the police on the campaign trail to demanding multiple trillions … for the military.

A grand total of $5.8T (yes, TRILLION) apparently, which Biden brags is “one of the largest investments in our national security in history.”

“I’m calling for one of the largest investments in our national security in history, with the funds needed to ensure that our military remains the best-prepared, best-trained, best-equipped military in the world,” Biden boomed.

And where exactly does Biden think he will rustle up all these trillions?

That’s right: In his latest out of touch statement, Biden has openly called for multiple trillions from taxpayers to fund the military.

Obviously, Biden doesn’t seem very attuned to the fact that gas prices now are starting to make 2008 look like a bargain, especially in Los Angeles, not to mention the fact that food has basically doubled in price.

In other words, the Democrats could only milk the pandemic for so long when it came to disempowering Americans economically.

That’s why they were sure to kill American energy independence and pretty much every other successful “America First” action that Trump took while in office.

Now, Americans are suffering more than ever under Biden (Americans that pay taxes and actually earn their own income, that is), and Biden thinks it’s a good idea to pitch yet another round of tax increases?

Exactly how checked out from reality are these champagne socialists?

Speaking of “checked out,” you gotta love how the Biden administration is talking about how tough it is with the military while selling out United States interests in recent backdoor deals with Iran.

“DOD is building the concepts, capabilities and posture necessary to meet these challenges, working in concert with the interagency and our allies and partners to ensure our deterrence is integrated across domains, theaters and the spectrum of conflict,” the White House boomed.

Someone should tell the DOD that the “posture necessary” starts with a new presence in the White House, optimally one that doesn’t appear ready to fall asleep at the podium.

Author: Jane Jones