Biden Demands Obedience From The Military — Or Else

Lloyd Austin, who serves as Secretary of Defense, is anticipated to make an announcement regarding mandatory vaccines for all active-duty forces in the U.S. military.

The directive will impact 1.3 million individuals currently serving in the armed services, as they will, in all likelihood, be required to receive vaccine shots in their arms. This anticipation comes on the heels of Biden urging all federal employees to receive COVID vaccinations.

Just last week, Biden stated that he was in the process of directing the Defense Department to analyze how to make the COVID vaccines mandatory.

In addition, the Department of Justice (DOJ) was also asked by Biden to examine the legality of mandating vaccines for all active duty military, in spite of the fact that the vaccine has not received FDA clearance.

Officials at the DOJ have subsequently stated that vaccine mandates will require presidential waivers.

Various officials have noted that Austin will be recommending mandatory vaccines to the White House imminently. Currently, approximately 64 percent of active-duty military members are fully vaccinated, while 70 percent of the American population has received at least one shot.

Biden also stated that federal employees, as well as contractors, must get the vaccine or face regular COVID testing.

Biden’s new requirement for federal employees pertained to civilian workers at the Defense Department, but it did not extend all the way to active duty service members.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that COVID cases have risen by more than 64 percent in the pas week. This increase brings case numbers back to February levels.

Biden has also argued that the United States may start seeing more restrictions due to the highly contagious variants of COVID surging across the nation, though he has yet to offer further detail.

One aspect of the restrictions could include required vaccines, though Biden claims another economic shutdown will not occur.