Biden Denies Giving Billions To Foreign Enemy

The United States has reportedly denied rumors regarding a prisoner swap agreement with Iran, which would have freed up more than $7B in Iranian monies.

The first report of the prisoner swap appeared on Al Mayadeen, a pro-Iranian Lebanese TV channel, which insisted that Iranian and American officials had mutually agreed to the exchange.

The prison swap deal would have resulted in the release of four American nationals accused of espionage in exchange for four Iranian nationals in the United States, alongside a frozen $7B, per reports from Reuters.

Reuters also cited an anonymous Iranian official, though a spokesperson for the State Department, Ned Price, recently informed Fox News that a deal has not been struck with the Iranian regime.

Price proclaimed that the reports publicized by Al Mayadeen “are not true,” though he also added that the State Department “will not stop” until the four Americans have been reunited with their families.

In addition, other reports have shown that Zazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian national, would be released once the United Kingdom had satisfied a military debt with Tehran.

The British Foreign Office has refused to comment on this report.