Biden Draws Nation Closer To War

So much for the path of “diplomacy.”

The mainstream media is clearly gunning for a literal fight with Russia, if only to distract from the astonishing degree of incompetence displayed by the supposedly most popular present in American history, Emperor Biden.

After all, even when the emperor has no clothes, the mainstream media would rather fixate on said emperor apparently telling someone like Putin to stand down.

Needless to say, after being beaten by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Biden is not exactly in a position to combat Putin.

After all, he certainly isn’t getting any younger, though he is definitely becoming more combative with the press. Then again, to be fair to the press, only so many different ways exist to inquire about the president’s preferred food flavorings and other softball questions that reveal exactly nothing as far as geopolitical concerns are concerned.

Which is a real travesty, as all of the sudden the nation seems ready to go into World War III, and had Biden answered questions all along like a real leader, perhaps what’s going on in the globe now wouldn’t be nearly as stunning to Americans.

Alas, Biden decided to talk tough with Putin before the Superbowl, once again failing to articulate exactly what he would do, but one could safely say it’s within the realm of more and more sanctions.

As those have proven to be so valuable in stopping Putin from territorial expansion and Iran from enriching uranium.
Then again, Biden is “finishing the job” Obama left behind apparently, which means that said job need be riddled with an astonishing degree of incompetency coupled with media-fueled self-aggrandizement.

Terrible combination.

What’s even more terrible is the extent to which Biden is provoking Putin, not ideal when the nation is in a bit of a sensitive spot in terms of the supply chain and other issues. Especially when Russia is well equipped with cyberwarfare weaponry to further cripple the already-weakened American defenses.

Needless to say, none of those concerns apparently affected the big-talking and non-acting Biden, who spent the Superbowl weekend drumming up fresh war fears.

According to Biden, Putin will apparently face “swift and severe costs” that will be implemented “decisively.”

Right. As if Putin doesn’t already have his own counter-response with “swift and severe costs” set up and ready to go against the United States.

As if Putin didn’t observe American allies lose their minds over Biden’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, severely alienating the United Kingdom and several others in the process.

As if the rest of the world didn’t notice the Taliban commandeering $90B in taxpayer funded equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters.

And while some on the left may derisively sneer that the Taliban can’t operate advanced weaponry, did it ever occur to them that other world leaders might happily take that same equipment off of them (at a pretty penny, of course) reverse engineer the military equipment to learn even more secrets, and subsequently use our own weaponry against it?

Because Trump warned about that several months ago, but the media blew him off.

Much to their own peril, ironically.

White House official statements also purportedly demonstrate the so-called strength of Biden and its so-called commitment to allies, which may ring a bit hollow after what occurred in Afghanistan just six months ago.

“President Biden was clear with President Putin that while the United States remains prepared to engage in diplomacy, in full coordination with our Allies and partners, we are equally prepared for other scenarios.”

“Equally” prepared? That characterization remains highly debatable, though it is admittedly possible.

After all, maybe the Biden administration has learned a thing or two over the past six months following the withdrawal from Afghanistan, though one would have expected more from a president who has been in D.C. for half a century.

Author: Ofelia Thornton