Biden Faces Ballooning Pressure Over Russian Oil

Unless one has been living under a rock, everyone pretty much knows by now what American-style sanctions entail for the Biden administration: mostly show, limited substance.

As the Biden administration has apparently dug in its heels over Russian oil, for reasons largely unknown, considering that Russian oil is the primary impetus funding indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Moreover, in the spirit of Afghanistan, the Biden administration continues to lead from behind, reacting rather than planning.

After all, who can forget the administration’s infamous “trust” in the Taliban to ensure that Americans arrived safely to the international airports?

Safe to say that was a reaction, rather than diligent leadership, which is precisely why former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has skewered the Biden administration for its utterly ineffectual response to the crisis in the Ukraine.

“Stop reacting and start leading,” Haley declared before delineating specific steps that would constitute a rather wise course of action for the Biden administration to take.

“First of all, work with Ukraine on real-time intelligence so that we can tell them everything that’s happening that they can’t see,” Haley stated, “make sure that we send anti-tank, anti-air missiles immediately. Make sure that we are telling Poland and NATO that they’ve got to supply these planes to Ukraine. They need them right away so they can cover their own airspace.”

Seriously. Basic, common-sense measures that apparently evade the Biden administration.

Haley also took aim at Biden’s continued dependence on Russian oil, which is remarkably abominable in light of the atrocities that it is funding.

“We’ve got to make sure we sanction these energy companies, all of them,” Haley said, “we’ve got to make sure that we pull them out of the international banking system, and we need to stop taking any Russian oil. The idea that we would give our money to an enemy is unthinkable, and it’s absolute lunacy. We can’t allow this to continue.”

Imagine if the United States shared a similar economic relationship with Germany during World War II, and the Biden administration’s acquiescence to Putin becomes all the more damning.

Which even ABC News anchor Jonathan Karl has shredded.

“The question of banning the import of oil and gas from Russia … It is not insignificant,” Karl remarked before revealing an astonishing statistic.

“We actually take in more petroleum from Russia then we do from Saudi Arabia,” Karl continued, “it’s extraordinary, George, for all the sanctions that have been imposed, and they have been unprecedented on Russia, to sanction everything but the thing that drives our economy.”

It’s especially unprecedented considering the lengths that Putin is willing to go to contravene the United States and clearly take aim at freedom in general, which begins with his takeover of Ukraine.

Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg has already issued grave warnings about Putin’s intentions, including the fact that Biden will be highly unlikely to call Putin’s bluff … considering he doesn’t bluff.

“Putin does not bluff,” Kellogg remarked, “when he said he was coming to Ukraine, he’s going to go into Ukraine. And we should have been building up armaments back then.”

Alas. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The hallmark of the Biden administration.”

“We didn’t. We waited,” Kellogg continued, “and part of the reason we said, is because we believed if we did, it was going to be escalatory. Well, now we’re too late.”

Let’s hope we aren’t too late in preventing a full-scale World War III …

Author: Jane Jones