Biden Finally Announces First Press Conference

Biden is set to hold his first official press conference on Wednesday, March 25, as confirmed by Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, on Tuesday.

This date marks Biden’s 64th day in office, which is dramatically longer than his predecessors. For instance, President Donald Trump held his first press conference 27 days after taking office; President Barack Obama held his 20 days after inauguration; and President George Bush held his 33 days after assuming the presidency. In contrast, Biden’s 64 days marks the longest period of time in a century in which an American president has not had his first press conference.

News regarding Biden’s first press conference was finally announced after Psaki was asked repeatedly about when Biden intended to communicate with the press directly. These questions have intensified as the White House has used the pandemic in order to limit the number of journalists in the press briefing room, as well as requiring certain reporters to submit their planned questions before one of Psaki’s press briefings.

Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary, remarked that announcing Biden’s first press conference so far in advance is not an optimal idea. 

On “The Five,” she also demonstrated similar disbelief. 

One can only imagine the gaffes that may ensue on March 25.

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