Biden Hints At Major Trip Abroad

Over the course of the next week, President Joe Biden is widely anticipated to make a trip abroad to Brussels, Belgium.

The purpose of the president’s trip is to meet with various NATO leaders in order to discuss the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, per commentary from various American and foreign sources familiar with the president’s travel plans.

The presidential travel plans are still in the process of finalization, though they call for meetings with other leaders from NATO nations on March 23 in Brussels, per all three sources.

However, the sources added that plans may abruptly change, given the uncertainty of the situation unfolding across Ukraine.

In addition, the meeting also emerges after forces from Russia continued to increase their attacks on the eastern European nation of Ukraine.

Per one of the sources, Biden may journey to Poland, where concerns are especially elevated following a Russian assault on a much larger Ukrainian base, which was located just a few miles away from the border; the attack resulted in the tragic deaths of 35 people.

In the meantime, various NATO members remain anxious about whether or not they will be drawn into a fully scale military conflict with Russia, which boasts nuclear powers.

President Biden has repeatedly remarked that the United States will not provide any forces to Ukraine, though it will adamantly defend “every inch” of NATO territories.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the United States is currently engaged in a close dialogue with its NATO partners and European allies, though no final decisions had been made regarding Biden’s potential journey overseas.

Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, an invasion that has rapidly transformed into the largest attack on European nation since the start of the Second World War.

Since the Russian attack, the United States, alongside numerous other allies, began issuing sanctions against Moscow, as well as sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin personally.