Biden Kicks Off The Christmas Season With a Fresh Round Of Fearmongering

Joe Biden has recently resumed a fresh wave of fear mongering, proclaiming that Americans who remain unvaccinated against COVID will face a winter filled with “death” and “severe illness.”

“[Omicron is] here now and it’s spreading,” Biden intoned, “and it’s going to increase.”

Biden also claimed that the unvaccinated “will soon overwhelm” medical facilities if they remain “unvaccinated for themselves.”

After his brazen fear mongering, Biden proceeded to announce “good news,” which is that individuals who are “vaccinated,” including a booster shot, will ostensibly experience “[protection] from severe illness and death.”

The president’s warnings are ironic, given that he spent the majority of his presidential campaign declaring that he would “shut down the virus.” Biden also repeated blamed former President Donald Trump for his alleged “ineptitude” in stymieing the spread of the virus.

However, the COVID vaccines were produced by the Trump administration, notably under the Operation Warp Speed program, which was started by Trump himself.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who serves as the Director of the CDC, remarked that she anticipates omicron cases to increase dramatically across the United States in the upcoming weeks.

Currently, omicron represents roughly 3 percent of all COVID cases in the United States, with higher numbers reported in New Jersey and New York.

Other public health officials, however, have demonstrated a higher level of optimism, noting that the omicron variant just might transition the pandemic into an endemic situation, which means the ability “to live more regularly with the virus more similar to the flu than what COVID has looked like,” affirming the variant’s reportedly mild nature.

Various scientists studying the variant have emphasized that limited information regarding the omicron variant is available, and they remain disturbed by the high rate of transmissibility associated with the virus. The researchers also note that it is unclear why the omicron variant appears significantly less severe than the delta variant that plagued the nation over the summer.

Studies from Hong Kong and South Africa support the likelihood of omicron being a highly contagious, yet ultimately less severe version of the COVID virus.