Biden Lays Pressure On CEOs

Joe Biden has recently opted to align with high-level executives across multiple businesses in order to continue promoting his COVID vaccine mandate. On Wednesday, Biden welcomed executives from Walgreens, Microsoft, Disney, and several other companies to encourage them to adhere to the mask mandate.

According to Biden’s recent vaccine mandate, all businesses that employ 100 or more individuals must ensure their staff is vaccinated or tested weekly. Biden’s efforts come after encouraging citizens to become vaccinated. Biden’s efforts come after trying to encourage all American adults to become vaccinated, though he’s shifted his focus towards vaccine mandates for employees in local and state governments, as well as schools and companies, to catalyze higher vaccination rates.

Biden noted that vaccine mandates have been instituted “even at Fox News,” adding he’s “not being facetious when I say that, but it is interesting that they’ve stepped forward.”

Biden’s vaccine mandate will theoretically result in the vaccination of an additional 80 million Americans. For businesses that refuse to comply with the federal government’s policy, fines of $13,000 per violation could occur.

In addition, Biden also lauded the efforts of the Labor Department in encouraging healthcare workers to receive vaccinations, given that healthcare professionals treating other patients should be vaccinated, per Biden.

“And that’s what we’re doing, period,” Biden said firmly.

In response to Biden’s vaccine mandates, some companies have threatened lawsuits, while other companies, including United Airlines, instituted vaccine mandates for their staff prior to Biden’s order.

Currently, 54 percent of the nation is fully vaccinated, which means that implementing Biden’s new requirements could take significant time. Nonetheless, Biden believes that employment will improve once at least two-thirds of the nation’s workforce is vaccinated.

Vaccinations result in “fewer infections, hospitalizations, and deaths,” Biden proclaimed, “and in turn, it means a stronger economy.”