Biden Pours Gasoline On The Fire During Speech To Congress

Only 100 miserable days have passed since Biden took office, yet it is hard to keep track of the multitudinous number of situations that have gone dreadfully wrong under his tenure.

And Biden has apparently decided to commemorate the 100 days of horror with a “Congressional address,” wherein he made a series of truly unbelievable statements.

One thing is for sure: The “dark winter” promised by Biden is the one and only campaign promise he actually kept. Real shame he didn’t just stick to that one, though most of his campaign largely centered around the downright comical “Orange man bad” commentary.

All platitudes, limited substance. Even worse, zero plans for a real future for Americans … or, worst of all, plans for a non-future for America, given the rather blatant emphasis on “America Last.”

And, in his sparsely attended State of the Union address, Biden elected hyperbole over reality, starting with his branding of the events of January 6 as the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

So much for unity.

In fact, Biden’s whole speech is laden with nonsense, including claims that he hasn’t “forgotten” about American workers, which is probably one of the most infuriating parts of his entire speech.

Biden actually had the gall to say that American workers haven’t been “forgotten.”

“Now – I know some of you at home are wondering whether these jobs are for you. You feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that’s rapidly changing. Let me speak directly to you.” [Source: USA Today]

Hey, Biden? Those workers were already “directly” spoken to. Remember that job-killing executive order that was signed near-immediately?

Kind of hard to be more direct than that. Anything else being done since then is nothing but good-sounding noise for the fake news media.

Fortunately, while a semblance of the “free” (albeit heavily censored) press remains, Ted Cruz himself published his own address to the nation, which is quite hilarious to read in contrast to Biden’s.

For instance, consider Cruz’s take on Biden’s supposedly not “forgetting” American workers.

“In his first week in office, Biden made radical changes to U.S. policy that have had ripple effects all over the United States and beyond. Number one, he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and gave 11,000 Americans – including 8,000 union workers – a pink slip during a pandemic that has decimated the economy. Stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, in the words of one laid-off pipeline worker, was ‘a pretty good gut punch.’” [Source: Fox News]

Spot on, Cruz. Someone should remind Biden that actions speak a tad louder than words, and that particular action packed a wallop.

On top of that, Cruz also took issue with Biden’s insane plans to pack the Supreme Court, yet another reversal of the position he ran on from his basement this past fall.

And Cruz also had no issue pointing out the Democrats’ issues with basic emotional regulation, much to the delight of his audience.

“Democrats are filled with rage, and they’re perfectly happy to destroy the independence of the judiciary by packing the Supreme Court with four liberal activist judges …

At a time when we are so often one vote away from seeing our fundamental liberties taken away at the Supreme Court – our freedom of speech, our Second Amendment rights, our religious liberty – we cannot have Democrats change the structure of the Supreme Court to achieve their partisan ends.” [Source: Fox News]

While it seems unlikely (for now) that the Senate would actually permit the Supreme Court to be packed, it also seemed incredibly unlikely that Biden would have been democratically elected against Trump.

Meanwhile, Biden actually had the gall to focus on proving “democracy still works” while literally planning to destroy it at the same time, chiefly through attempts at packing the Supreme Court.

“We have to prove democracy still works. That our government still works—and can deliver for the people.” [Source: Fox News]

Out of all the parts of the speech, it is hard to say which is the most stomach-churning, but commenting on how democracy “still works” while totally ignoring checks and balances is fairly … bad.

Well, one thing is for sure: Democracy certainly doesn’t work underneath the Democrats.

On a brighter note, rumors are swirling that Trump just might be returning with MAGA rallies, potentially as soon as early May, or just enough time for people to fully realize the damage caused by a Harris-Biden administration in charge.

One can only hope that the Democrats don’t manage to pack the Supreme Court before 2022 … As that truly would wreak irrevocable destruction on the nation.

Author: Rick Morris