Biden Puts DeSantis In His Cross Hairs, But Didn’t See This Coming

Earlier this week, the White House demonstrated clear displeasure with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who openly proclaimed his anti-mask stance for young children. Specifically, DeSantis asserted that he would not support mask mandates for children under the age of 12 as they start returning to the school this fall.

The White House responded unfavorably, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki observing that DeSantis’s position “would be greatly concerning” to her if she “were a parent in Florida.”

On Thursday, DeSantis proclaimed that he would not pursue mask mandates for children attending schools in Florida’s education system.

“We’re not doing that in Florida,” DeSantis proclaimed, adding, “we need our kids to breathe.”

Psaki, however, countered DeSantis’s commentary by discussing how her own children continue to wear masks. While she admits that masks “are not the most comfortable thing,” Psaki also proceeds to declare that her children “are quite adjusted to them,” adding that “many kids are.”

Since children younger than 12 have not yet been approved for receiving the COVID vaccine, mask mandates are also apparently important for this particular age demographic, according to Psaki.

If DeSantis refuses to enforce mask mandates in public schools, young children may be subject to danger, Psaki warned, noting that DeSantis’s position presumably “puts kids at risk” since “it’s not aligned with public health guidelines.”

However, DeSantis refused to back down from White House criticism, asserting, “we want kids to be able to be kids,” which means providing them with the opportunity “to be able to breathe.”

DeSantis also remarked that masks are “terribly uncomfortable,” not to mention the fact that “there’s not very much science” available to support mask mandates for children under the age of 12.

In a recent town hall appearance on Wednesday, Biden also made commentary on mask mandates, informing a parent that he expects for the CDC to start requiring masks for children returning to school in the fall.

The CDC will recommend that “everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing masks in school,” Biden brayed, noting, “that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

In addition, Biden also warned parents that they should vaccinate their children if they are over the age of 12.

In a rather sinister tone, Biden commented, “it’s going to get a little bit tight in terms of, well, are mom or dad being honest that Johnny did or did not get vaccinated?”

“That’s going to raise questions,” Biden concluded.