Biden Rolls Out The Red Carpet For America’s Most Unwelcome Guests

On Sunday, the Biden administration provided ICE with the authority to administer upwards of $86.9M on hotel rooms for illegal migrant families that have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border.

Endeavors, a nonprofit organization that typically gives various legal services to illegal migrants, will be the beneficiary of this $86.9M, which can provide upwards of 1,239 hotel beds for families and other related services, as reported by Fox News. These services include fully health screenings and assessments, as well as COVID tests.

Per the CEO of Endeavors, Jon Allman, this funding continues the funding that the nonprofit entity has received over the past nine years. Allman notes that the nonprofit will give “critical services” to the migrant families who currently reside in the custody of DHS.

This decision is the latest action fro the Biden administration to help counteract the swelling crisis at the border. Presently, border control is becoming overwhelmed by massive numbers of unaccompanied children hurtling towards the United States. 

The facilities designed to hold these individuals were forced to eliminate the COVID restrictions due to the enormous number of individuals headed towards the southern border. Previously, the facilities had been at 50 percent capacity, but they quickly swelled to 100 percent capacity overnight. A mere week later, the capacity swelled to over 700 percent. 

At present, DHS is requesting non-law enforcement individuals to help “volunteer” in order to provide agents with the ability to keep up with border control duties. FEMA is also now being sent in to provide additional assistance over the next three months.

Unfortunately, the most problematic element of entire crisis is the Biden administration’s belief that it can talk its way out of the serious humanitarian issue at the border. Biden apparently believes that telling illegal migrants to remain home will prevent them from storming to the United States. However, it is unlikely that they will do so when Biden stopped all deportations within the first 100 days of arriving in office.

Thus, given Biden’s “open arms” approach, it is unlikely that the worst effects of the crisis will mitigate anytime soon.

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