Biden Sends Troops Barreling Towards Europe

For months, multiple critics have feared Biden dragging the United States into another quagmire overseas, chiefly in the form of an unwinnable conflict.

After all, courtesy of the Biden administration, twenty years in Afghanistan effectively resulted in the victory of the Taliban over the west, not to mention a very international display of American incompetence with Democrats at the helm.

On top of that, the self-interest inherent with Democrats is so remarkably obvious that Putin has directly called out their so-called “concern” for Ukraine.

“It seems to me that the United States is not so much concerned about the security of Ukraine, but its main task is to contain Russia’s development,” Putin muses, “in this sense, Ukraine itself is just a tool to reach this goal.”

Not only is Ukraine little more than a “tool” for efforts to weaken Russia, but it also serves as a “tool” to distract from the multiple issues with the Biden administration both at home and abroad.

After all, what better way to distract from the crisis at the United States’ southern border than to hurl the nation into a war with Russia over another nation’s borders?

Not to mention distract from a host of other issues, including perpetually empty shelves and borderline-hilarious inflation, hilarious primarily because Biden effectively proclaimed that he would solve all of the nation’s issues merely by being elected.

Despite campaigning from his basement.

However, while Biden may not be terribly aggressive about protecting Americans, he sure is gung ho for a war that no one wants, which Putin also criticizes.

“We asked directly that there should be no further NATO movement to the East,” Putin continued, “the ball is in their court … I feel like we are on different planets sometimes.”

“Different planets” indeed.

After all, the United States comes across as the most bellicose, courtesy of war-mongering Biden administrators, and Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby recently declared, “it’s important that we send a strong signal to Mr. Putin and to the world.”

Well, a signal has been sent all right, given that Biden is deploying thousands of troops to Europe, as well as moving several troops closer to Russia; for instance, some troops are being shifted from Germany to Romania.

Not exactly the “clear message” that anyone wants, aside from Democrats desperate for a war to distract.

Senator Josh Hawley, however, sees right through such manipulations, and he promptly criticized Biden’s eagerness to deploy countless troops to Europe.

“Sending more American troops to Europe is a mistake. We need to send the opposite signal,” Hawley declared, observing “that the crisis in Ukraine shows Europeans must do more in their own defense.”

In other words, Trump was right, yet again.

Then again, if Trump were in power, it is highly unlikely that the current fiasco would be unfolding as it presently is, and he suspects that Russia may well end up invading, especially with Biden’s countenance.

“It’s looking like they will [invade]. I would have said it’s not even possible. This is not something that ever would have happened if we were there,” Trump mused.

Even if the Russians ultimately do not invade Ukraine, they have several other recourses available, as observed by Trump.

After all, they saw how effectively Biden “negotiated” with the Taliban … over issues as critical as American safety.

“At a minimum, they’re going to negotiate a lot of good stuff,” Trump continued, “because, if they don’t make a move, Biden will give them everything.”

Even if “everything” ends up costing the United States everything …

Author: Ofelia Thornton