Biden Stuns Nation With DOJ Request

Remember back when Nancy Pelosi threatened to “fumigate” Trump out of the White House?

Well, apparently the leftists want to do more than just that; they also want to fumigate every last trace of good that Trump has done for this nation, which is quite evident in Biden’s latest assault on Trump’s legacy: Demanding that the Department of Justice (DOJ) order several dozen Trump-appointed judges to resign.

As if Biden’s 52 executive orders weren’t enough to attempt to undo every single good thing that Trump has done for America, not to mention Americans. Now, he wants do undo as many Trump-appointed judges as possible, starting with those elected to interim positions.

Judges are another part of Trump’s legacy, a serious safeguard against leftist insanity in the unfortunate event that Democrats take over (as they just did). Even more unfortunately, Democrats also recognize that safeguard, which is why it is unsurprising that they’ve now turned their sights to destroying American judges alongside American jobs.

However, according to Attorney General Monty Wilkinson, all of these forced resignations are just part of a “seamless transition.”

“We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition … Until U.S. Attorney nominees are confirmed, the interim and acting leaders in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices will make sure that the department continues to accomplish its critical law enforcement mission, vigorously defend the rule of law, and pursue the fair and impartial administration of justice for all.” [Source: Fox News]

Right. Because a “seamless transition” always must involve completely undermining every single thing that one’s predecessor had done. What’s next, Biden? Planning to tear up the Middle East peace agreements next?

Then again, if the nation is subsumed by a wave of illegal immigration, terrorism in the Middle East will simply compound a host of other national security issues.

In fact, Biden’s demands for Trump-appointed judges to resign also brings to mind another highly troubling implication: the reinforcement of his absurd executive orders regarding illegal immigration, which have been somewhat kept in check by Trump-appointed judges.

In other words, by removing Trump-appointed judges, Biden is also removing barriers that could preclude a total onslaught of illegal immigration. And while such a statement is stunning, it is unfortunately true.

Just ask former ICE Director, Ron Vitiello, who was rather bold in his statements on Biden’s immigration policies, in particular policies such as the 100-day moratorium on deportations.

According to that that particular gem of an executive order, which was of course signed on Biden’s first day in office, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was essentially ordered to stop doing their jobs.

“This memorandum directs Department of Homeland Security components to conduct a review of policies and practices concerning immigration enforcement. It also sets interim policies during the course of that review, including a 100-day pause on certain removals to enable focusing the Department’s resources where they are most needed. The United States faces significant operational challenges at the southwest border as it is confronting the most serious global public health crisis in a century.” [Source: Town Hall]

Ah. So, in other words, halting the deportation of who knows how many illegal immigrants, a certain percentage of which undoubtedly commits crimes on American soil, for a period of more than three months is really a great way to “focus the Department’s resources.”

Furthermore, speaking of such concern for the “serious global public health crisis,” exactly why are the illegal immigrants streaming in now being exempt from COVID testing? After all, if COVID is so serious, would it not make sense to at least make them submit to a COVID test before continuing on their illegal way into the United States?

For this reason, the aforementioned Vitiello has issued a stark warning regarding Biden’s immigration policies (or, lack thereof).

“This administration is sending a signal that will travel the globe that we are going to go soft on border security and soft on immigration enforcement …

That leaves millions of people in the United States who are criminally involved. They’re in gangs, they could be accused of crimes like murder and pedophilia, rape, arson, robbery, human trafficking, those people would still, not convicted of those crimes even though they committed them, they wouldn’t be subject to deportation under the guidelines being put out so we’re definitely going soft on interior immigration enforcement.” [Source: Town Hall]

Great. All of this just about three weeks into Biden’s America.

Wonder what in the world may be occurring three months from now …

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