Biden Takes An Extended ‘Vacation’ — You’ll Never Guess Where

Joe Biden ultimately opted to remain at home in Delaware over Labor Day, and he scheduled no public events of any form to mark the federal holiday that honors laboring Americans.

Biden’s current schedule reveals that he planned to return to the White House later Monday evening, after spending three days in Delaware without hosting any public appearances.

Over the weekend, Biden engaged in low-key activities. For instance, he paid a visit to Fieldstone Golf Club, and he also visited the home of a family friend. In addition, Biden also reportedly attended a church service.

Over the course of his political career, Biden has long bragged of the support that he holds for labor unions, as well as other forms of organized labor. Nonetheless, he has opted not to hold any events this year that recognize and celebrate the worker in the United States.

Normally, Biden tended to talk about the continued importance of recognizing the dignity of labor, as well as the support for the organized labor movements that “brung him to the dance.” Biden would also focus on the general importance of unions in the United States, including the high-paying jobs they can provide.

Moreover, as a candidate campaigning for president, Biden also prioritized campaigning with various labor leaders, as well as participating in various parades honoring Labor Day.

For instance, during Labor Day of 2020, Biden made an appearance with local labor leaders. This appearance had been one of the only public appearances Biden made during the course of the COVID pandemic, as he demonstrated a strong preference for campaigning from his basement.

Additionally, during Labor Day of 2019, Biden also spoke at a labor council picnic, which took place in Iowa.

During his tenure as vice-president, Biden also attended Labor Day events frequently, where he vocally supported labor unions.

Biden also participated in the annual Allegheny County Labor Day Parade in 2015, as rumors regarding his potential challenge to Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary began to swirl.

In contrast, in 2021, Biden merely issued a presidential proclamation regarding Labor Day. In the proclamation, Biden claims that everything supporting “a sustainable middle-class life was made possible by unions.”

“On Labor Day, we honor all those workers, and their enduring movement, that keep our economy moving and make our Nation strong,” Biden proclaimed.