Biden Trashes Trump As A “Horrible Plague”

If you ever wondering how divorced from reality Democrats have become, wonder no further: The recent White House Correspondents Dinner was yet another display of Democrat debauchery filled with drunken antics and jokes at Americans’ expense.

In particular hardworking, conservative Americans’ expense.

Straight from the so-called “president’s” mouth.

Biden apparently found it appropriate to insult Trump during the opening of the dinner, as if insulting Trump would undo the damage his presidency has wreaked upon not only the entire nation, but also the entire planet.

“This is the first time a President attended this dinner in six years. It’s understandable,” Biden brayed, “We had a horrible plague followed by two years of COVID.”

Ah, so Trump is “a horrible plague.”

Funny, that “horrible plague” didn’t have us on the brink of nuclear war, nor did that “horrible plague” make horrible decisions that resulted in killing 13 servicemembers, only to be followed by killing an innocent Afghani man mislabeled as a “terrorist” in a pathetic effort to save face.

Then again, since Biden apparently lives in a basement with no TV access, he’s fed only what they want to feed him, including distracting antics about “Brandon.”

“The Republicans do seem to be supporting one person: Some guy named Brandon. He’s having a really good year. And I’m kind of happy for him,” Biden laughed.

Uh, what?

First of all, Republicans don’t support “Brandon,” a name for Biden that emerged after some NASCAR reporter struggled to save face (ineffectually) for Biden.

The crowd had been chanting “F— Joe Biden,” and some nitwit reporter attempted (unsuccessfully) to claim that the crowd was saying “Let’s go Brandon.”

Whether or not Biden is even aware of that is unclear, considering he seems to mistakenly think Republicans support Brandon.

Hardly …

In between glasses of high end champagne in rooms filled with people decked out in apparel that cost more than an average American’s salary, Biden also rambled on about Disney for … no discernible reason.

“Today’s Republicans say, ‘Tear down Mickey Mouse’s house. And pretty soon they’ll be storming Cinderella’s castle. You can be sure of it,” Biden continued, making sense to apparently no one but himself.

Can’t think of any Republican offhand that’s eager to storm Cinderella’s castle, but apparently Biden is thinking about it.

In fact, Biden appeared so largely out of it that the key comic of the night spent more time insulting Democrats than Republicans, which was awesome.

Trevor Noah, well known for being radical, was surprisingly harsh on Biden.

“Ever since you came into office, things are already looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up,” Noah declared.

Biden’s response? Uproarious laughter.

So, Americans going broke is apparently hilarious to Biden.

Clearly, he must be thinking about mass amnesty or killing student debt or all of the above.

After all, he doesn’t personally bear the brunt for any of it. If anything, he profits from it in the form of multitrillion dollar bills rammed through the Senate.

Jesus E. Solorio, Jr., who represents the Rhode Island Republican Party, was aghast at Biden’s laughter at inflation.

“There it is: Complete and utter scorn for working families coming from Biden and Democrats. They believe struggling families are nothing more but a punchline,” Solorio observed.

No wonder Noah kept ripping the White House left and right.

After all, the comedian actually needs people to like him to stay in business, and most people are seriously hurting from high costs and high anxiety.

“Please be careful leaving tonight. We all know this administration doesn’t handle evacuations well,” Noah chirped, in a clear reference to Biden’s utter ineptitude in Afghanistan.

Biden’s disconnect with the American public makes his advisor’s recent comments to Fox News even more hilarious.

“Elections are about choices,” yet another advisor sniffed, “you have President Biden and congressional Democrats who understand what people are going through and are working every day to bring down costs for the American people, and you have Republicans who continue to stand in the way of that.”

Really? So, Biden laughing uproariously about inflation is demonstrative of “understanding what people are going through?”

Would hate to see what doesn’t demonstrate understanding.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich clearly understands a tad more than yet another Biden “advisor,” who foresees a red tsunami in the fall.

“I think we’ll pick up between 25 and 70 seats in the House. We’ll probably pick up about four seats in the Senate,” Gingrich declared, “I think that people like Herschel Walker are going to do very, very well.”

Not so coincidentally, Walker is firmly backed by “horrible plague” Trump …

Author: Jane Jones