Biden Unveils Devastating New ‘Second Amendment’ Tactic

On Wednesday, various reporters made inquiries regarding Biden’s plans on the Second Amendment, directing their questions to Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary. Psaki responded that Biden had been working alongside gun control groups and other advisors over the past several weeks, in preparation for urging Congress to pass new legislation regarding gun control.

Proclaiming that Biden “sees it vital” to enact new legislation, Psaki noted that Kamala Harris had also expressed similar sentiments on gun control, particularly since Congress has the power to pass legislation that “has a more permanent, lasting impact” than executive orders. 

Noting that executive orders are “an important lever” available for the president’s disposal, Psaki also commented on the varied discussions and analyses taking place internally, adding that these discussions have been ongoing “for several weeks,” long before the two most recent shootings.

However, Psaki declined to comment on the specifics of Biden’s plans for Second Amendment rights, despite these internal discussions persisting for the past several weeks.

On Tuesday, Biden openly called for banning sports rifles, and he also issued a false claim regarding the 1994-2004 “assault weapons” ban, namely that it had demonstrably reduced mass shootings.

According to Biden, it is possible to ban “assault weapons,” along with “high-capacity magazines,” in the United States “once again.” Biden reiterated that when he “was a senator,” he helped pass the bill, which allegedly “brought down these mass killings.”

However, a 2004 study, which was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and funded by the Department of Justice (DoJ), determined that the 1994-2004 ban cannot be demonstrably credited with decreased violence related to firearms.

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